Indonesia, Flores and Sempu Island

Wall art in Surabaya

Fufu, our journalist and traveler friend from Indonesia,  introduces us to some of the lesser visited places. She also talks about the Jazz scene in Indonesia and some places in her hometown Surabaya where you can interact with the locals. The song at the end is “Kampuang Nan Jauh Dimato” by The Upstairs.


Visiting Flores – one of the lesser visited, larger islands in Indonesia

Flores –

Riung – 17 islands –

If you are in Java (where the capital Jakarta is) and have a couple of days, try visiting Sempu Island

Pulau Sempu (Sempu Island) –

If you end up in Surabaya, and want to make local friends, head to these places.

Taman Bungkul –

House of Sampoerna  –

Jazz festivals in Indonesia

Java Jazz –

Jazz Gunung –

Song at the end, thanks for the band for releasing the song under a Creative Commons License

“Kampuang Nan Jauh Dimato” by The Upstairs –

This travelspy podcast is also available under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Backpacking in South East Asia, and the best hostels

The Shophouse

The Shophouse, one of our favourite budget places in Singapore

Prabhu is a prolific backpacker. He has good experience traveling around South East Asia. We talked about budget stays in Singapore, backpacker places in Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. The appeal of Indonesia and diving trips to Malaysian islands.

01:11 – Prabhu’s top budget accommodation picks in Singpore and why?  Shophouse, Hong Kong Street – Rivercity Inn, Lavender Street – Rucksack Inn

2:14 – Why stay in hostels?

2:55 – Favorite hostels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Sunshine Bedz

04:15 – Favorite backpacker hangout  – Discovery Cafe in Melaka (Malaysia)

05:00 – Old Penang Guesthouse in Penang

05:35 – Backpacking in Vietnam – The Old Quarter of Hanoi

06:20 – What is the main difference staying in the hostels in Singapore versus staying in hostels in other destinations in South East Asia

07:20 – Beginning backpacking in Seam Reap –  7 USD for stay with a pool – Jasmine

08:43 – Traveling in Indonesia – Local hostel owner most keen to show the city

12:00 – Travel experience in Indonesia from a Indian traveler’s point of view

13:40 – Owners running a guest house  just to meet other travellers

14:25 – How does one connect with locals while traveling

16:00 – Hanoi Morning Tours

17:57 – Diving trips out of Singapore – How to plan weekend dive trips to Malaysia (Tioman and Pehrentians) over a weekend

21:20 – Traveling to Sarawak and Sabah (Borneo)

Explore Phnom Penh with a local

We talk to Phnom Penh resident Kounila about her city. Kounila has recommendations on places to stay, eat, relax and play.

Phnom Penh resident Kounila shares her recommendations on accommodation, eats, cafes and nightlife. Use the time code below to move to the area in the audio that interests you.

00:00: The places to stay in Phnom Penh – Street 172. Near National Museum. BKK2 and BKK3
0:55 : Head to Sissowath Quay for fancier hotels
1:30 : No need to change currency if you are bringing in US dollars
02:00: Going from the airport to the city
2:30: Cafes and working from Cafes in Phnom Penh. Kiriya Cafe, Wings Coffee,
4:25: Kok Ouk Mmor -Japanese restaurant favoured by some locals
4:52: Korean food
6:00: North Korean restaurants
6:15: Indian Restaurants – Just skip the rest and go to Taste Budz
0:655: WiFi everywhere in Cambodia
07:10 Blue Pumpkin – Ice creams and fun place to hangout
07:30: For late night hangouts go to Street 172. The end of the street near Soria Shopping Centre is party till late
8:55. Trips outside Phnom Penh (about 1 to 2 hours). Ba Khaeng and Tonle Bati
10:10: For weekend trips visit Kompot or Kep (around 3 hours drive)
11:00 Check out, Reviews from local point of view.
11:55: Check out and

A Thai traveler on solo travels in India

Local cola in India

Cookie is a big indophile. She is often scraping the internet for flights to India, and plotting adventures in places like Ladakh and Rajasthan. We caught up with her and learned about her solo travel adventures. The episode discusses loneliness, security and some other aspects that solo traveler deal with. Towards the end of the podcast episode, we also talk about Thailand – Cookie’s home.