Thailand visa on arrival for Indians. The procedure, form and the documents you need

Last updated in May 2014. I am often in Thailand and I have used the visa on arrival facility at many Thai airports and land border crossings. I am hoping that this guide will help fellow travellers. I will concentrate on the Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok) as this is where most tourists come in. The information will also help you at other airports and border crossings where visa on arrival is available. The visa on arrival counters are open 24 hours at the airports.


On the Thai-Lao border

A. What you need for the Visa

A1. Completed visa form. You can get this form at a desk near the visa on arrival area. Fill the part until the signature. The part that says “For Official Use” and the back of the form is for the Thai visa officer’s use. Fill in everything that I have marked in the image below.

Make sure that you fill in the section that asks for the address in Thailand. They are very particular about this. Fill in the name of the hotel you are staying at. If I am staying in multiple hotels in multiple cities, I will fill in the place where I am staying first or the longest. If I am staying at a friend or a relative’s place, I will fill in their address. Some people ask me if they can print and use the visa form they find on some website.  I would recommend that you use the form that is available at the visa on arrival (VOA) counter.  I have had some travellers tell me that they did not accept the printed forms and requested the travellers to fill a fresh form.

A2. Your passport (you need at least six months validity from the day you enter Thailand).  There should be at least one blank page on your passport. Thai visa and the immigration stamps take up one full page.

A3. Your boarding pass stub (this will have your flight number)



A4. Arrival-Departure card. You will get this card before you leave the plane. Fill all the areas except the part that asks for the visa number. The second page of this form asks for identical information, the only thing different is your departure flight.   The form also asks for some personal details. Fill everything that applies to you. The From/Port of embarkation is the city where you started your journey. Next City is the immediate next destination after Bangkok. So if you are going to say Phuket after Bangkok, then you should write Phuket. If you are only staying in Bangkok and going back to your home city (or city you started your journey from) then put that city.

A5. Proof of ability to stay in Thailand: 10,000 THB (about 340 USD) per person or 20,000 THB per family (people who are related, having same family name etc.) . They will not take this money. They just want to make sure you have enough money. This can be in any  currency as long as it is equivalent to the Thai currency above. I have shown them US dollars, Singapore Dollars, Japanese Yen and Chinese RMB.  They do not acknowledge credit or debit cards. In Bangkok (Suvarnabumi) airport there are ATMs before the immigration where you can withdraw cash. And yes, Indian Rupees (INR) is fine too.

A6. Your return or onward ticket or e-ticket printout. Your return date must be within 14 days from the date of entry (visa on arrival allows 14 days stay only).

A7. One recent photograph, Thai immigration website recommends  that the photo be 4 x 6 cm.  I have used a photo that is similar in size to the photo in Indian passports and they were fine with it. There is a photo counter nearby that will take your photo for a fee.

A8.  The visa fee: Visa fee is 1000 THB (Thai Bahts). If you do not have Thai currency, you can get it at the 24 hour money changers near the visa on arrival counter at Suvarnabhumi airport.  If you decide to take the express (premium) queue, then you will have to pay 200 THB extra.

B. The procedure

Look for the Visa on Arrival signs, they will lead you to the Visa on Arrival area. If you arrive on a plane from China or India, most people will be going to this area.

Below is the plan for the Visa on Arrival area at Suvarnabhumi airport.


Walk to the visa on arrival desk. (A in the figure). Collect and fill the Visa On Arrival form. This counter is open 24 hours. The official at this counter can usually speak some English and Chinese. Give your photo to this official and she will staple it to your form.

Next, choose between regular queue (B) or premium or express queue (C). You will have to pay 200 THB for the express queue. You may use this option if you are in a hurry to get out.

Procedure for regular queue

  1. If you have chosen the regular queue, your documents will be checked at (B).  The officer here will issue you a token with your number on it.
  2. Sit down at the waiting area (D) until your number is called at the immigration desk (E)
  3. Once your number is called, proceed to area (E). This is where you will pay the visa fee (1000THB). The office here stamps the visa.
  4. Once done, you will find the baggage area just behind the immigration counter. (F)

Procedure for express queue

  1. If you have chosen the express queue, your documents will be checked at (C).  The officer here will issue you a token with your number on it.
  2. Sit down at the waiting area (D). They will  process your visa and once done, your number is called at  (C).
  3. Collect your passport and head to the express immigration counter (C2). The entry stamp is made on your visa and you can proceed to counter (F) to collect your bags.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long does the visa on arrival take?
A. My wait times have ranged from 10 minutes to 2 hours. (Though in recent times – in 2013- they have become faster at this). It all depends how many flights from India and China arrive at the same time as yours.    Before you leave your home airport, just check the flight arrivals at Suvarnabhumi airport for the day. You can check the arrivals at (it shows departures but you can switch to arrival view). If you find some flights from China/India/Parts of Africa and Central Asia landing just before your flight then be ready to wait longer.  The wait is a good opportunity to practice your Chinese/Russian/Swahili language skills with folks around you. Load up some games on your iPad to keep the kids busy.

Q2. Is is worth joining the express queue?
A. If you happen to land at a busy time , the express queue won’t help you much as it will have the same number of people as the regular queue. But if you land at a less busy time  and you are in a hurry then express queue is a good choice.

Q3. How long is the Visa on Arrival queue in Phuket, Chiang Mai and other international airports?
A. Much less compared to Bangkok. The process is also much simpler. There is just one counter that handles all the process.

Q4. My ticket is from Dubai (or some other city) to Bangkok and then to Phuket (or some other Thai city) from the same airport. Should I take the visa on arrival at Bangkok or my destination airport?
A.  If you have an immediate flight to other destinations in Thailand and this flight is also leaving from the same airport,  look for a counter that says “Transfer to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket, Krabi, Samui, Hatyai”. Officers in this counter will process your visa.  This counter is before the Visa on Arrival counter.
Some domestic flights such as Thai Air Asia leave from Don Muang airport. If your next flight is from Don Muang, then you will have to get a visa on arrival before you exit the airport.
Getting to Don Muang airport from Suvarnabhumi via shuttle bus or taxi will take you 2 to 3 hours so keep that in mind when you book your domestic flights.

Q5. Is it better to take a visa on arrival or should I apply for a visa at a nearby Thai embassy.
A. If you have smaller children or senior folks in your party, I would recommend getting the visa in advance. Otherwise visa on arrival is fine.

Q6. Are there other options for getting the Thai Visa in India?

A. You can contact the Thai embassy or consulates in India. VFS Global is also able to assist for resident of select cities. See

Q7. Is it fine if I show my bank statements, receipts of hotel etc in lieu of the spending money?
A. It purely depends on how strict the visa officer you meet is. My adage is always do exactly what they say on their official visa on arrival rules mentioned at the Foreign Affairs Website page on Visa on Arrival.  If you check that page, you will notice that they do not mention hotel or bank statements. If the visa officer ignores your bank statements and insists on seeing the spending money, you will spend a lot of time arguing with her and the people in the queue behind you will get angry. I am sure you are planning to take some USD (or INR etc.) to spend in Thailand, just show this money.  In the 40 odd visits I have made to Thailand, only once they asked to see this spending  money  .  But don’t take chances. Prepare this money so that you can show it if they ask for it.

Q8. My travel agent or someone told me that you have to show 1000USD (or some other amount) or hotel reservations etc.  Is it true?
A. Your travel agent is misinformed (or is trying to get you to book hotels or convert money to earn some more  off you).  You only need what is mentioned in section A5 on top. If your travel agent does too much drama, show them the official Thai ministry of  Foreign Affairs Website page on Visa on Arrival. The visa on arrival form and the embarkation slip do ask for your address in Thailand. Fill in the name of the hotel you have booked or the hotel you intend to stay at. You do not need to show the hotel bookings at VOA counter.

Q9. Where do I pick up my bags? before visa on arrival or after?
A. After. The baggage area is just behind the counter where you get your visa stamped. If you find that your baggage belt is already assigned to a more recent flight, check the floor near the belt. Usually the airport crew will unload the unclaimed bags and place it next to the belt.  Thailand is warm and it is much cheaper to buy clothes locally. Avoid bringing a big bag, it will slow you down. Just pack two changes of clothes and carry it as hand luggage. I always head to UNIQLO store in Bangkok and buy their cotton linen shirts. They are inexpensive, suited for the hot and humid weather, look good, wash and dry fast.

Q10. I am going to Cambodia/Lao/Malaysia etc. from Thailand and returning to Thailand for my return flight back home. Can I get a multiple or double entry visa?
A.  Thailand no longer issues a double/multiple entry tourist visa. You need to get a visa on arrival on every entry to Thailand. Get your first visa at the Thai airport where you enter the country. Exit Thailand to visit the neighbouring country.  Then get your next Thai visa when you re-enter Thailand. I have got visas at several border post and it is not a problem as long as you can show a  flight ticket out of Thailand to another country (and pay the visa fees etc.). A list of border posts where you can get Visa on Arrival is here at Thailand’s Foreign Affairs Website page on Visa on Arrival.
Do note that you will not be able to get Thai visa on arrival when you are crossing the land border from Cambodia into Thailand. So it is better to apply to for a regular Thai visa in Cambodia. Your hotel in Cambodia can assist you with this.

Q11. Do we need to show a marriage certificate to prove that we are a family
A. As long as your tickets are booked together, they are not going to ask you for a marriage certificate. Thailand is not that fussy. Having said that, I would recommend that you always carry a photocopy of your marriage certificate and other travel documents just in case. I keep a scanned copy on my phone and online on Dropbox. This way, even if you misplace your passport etc, you will have some backup to take to the embassy and get an emergency passport.

Other useful information

See the following link for mobile SIM cards that you can buy in Thailand. 


  1. Hi I am Indian staying in Dubai and will be visiting Phuket in August month. This information is helpful in getting on arrival visa. Can you also elobrate on which places to visit during Phuket stay and general information about the city

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  5. Hi, I stay in Thailand and have my parents visiting me on a tourist visa. Their visa is expiring in this week and they’d like to stay for 15 days more. so, we’re planning to visit Laos and get VOA for Thailand for next 15 days. We have planned to use Non Khai border for VOA. Recently, I cross-checked my plan with a local agent. He advised that it might be a problem getting a VOA at Thai/Lao border for Indians, with Visa officer asking extra money for issuing VOA. Can you please suggest if this is so? They’ve the return ticket to India and I’ll be accompanying them on Laos visit. Should I go ahead with my plan and expect not much problem in getting VOA for them?

    • travelspy

      June 3, 2014 at 4:07 pm

      Sony, I have entered Thailand via land borders before, though not at this particular border. I had no trouble. If they ask for extra money, just be firm. Also, try to spend 2-3 days in Lao, if you return on the same day, it becomes obvious that you are only going there to get extra days for the visa.

      • Hi Travespy,
        We are travelling to Thialand with our two children aged 5yrs and 15yrs. On the Passport of my son aged 15yrs which is issued yesterday they have by mistake put ECR stamp whereas we all have ECNR Passports. Pls suggest that do we need to get it rectified before we go. We dont have much time as we are travelling on Wednesday 25th June.

        • travelspy

          June 21, 2014 at 9:57 am

          As far as I remember. The ECR is only checked when you leave India. The Thai immigration does not care about it. I think in you can convince the Indian immigration that you are leaving as a family and coming back together, you may not have any issues. Also,
          I think ECR is not applicable to some popular tourist destinations such as Thailand. Just google a bit and you will find the list of countries for which ECR is applicable.

  6. Thank you very much for this information. I am flying in this Saturday into Bangkok just for transiting on an onward journey and was a bit nervous due to news of the coup, however I am feeling more in control now that I know this procedure.

  7. Hi Preetham,

    First of all thanks for the wealth of information you have provided here. I just wanted to report that I am in Thailand right now and the situation in Pattaya is very peaceful. The only downside is that everything in the city shuts down at 10 pm because of the curfew.

    My visa on arrival went without a hitch (I chose fast track as I had to catch a bus to Pattayafor which the service clearlytold me no refund I I miss it). The extra 200 THB was worth it as the regular line was way too long owing to about 4 flights arriving from India and china at the same time. Overall it was a smooth process for me.
    Hoping that this information helps.

  8. Hi travelspy,

    Please include the land border crossing of Padang-Besar ( Thai-Malaysia border) as one of the entry points where visa-on-arrival is not available.

    Last time i told this to two fellow train travelers and they have to get off from the train after it had traveled a good distance from Butterworth in Malaysia.


    • travelspy

      May 9, 2014 at 1:44 am

      Ashwani, my suspicion is that the two people you mention did not have an air ticket out of Thailand. I have crossed into Thailand from several land borders and they are fine if you can show an air ticket out of Thailand or (in case of entry from Malaysia) driving your own private vehicle.

  9. Hi Travelspy. I have been there before with hotel reserved in advance but this time I am planning to book into a hotel after getting there. I will put the intended hotel name on the VOA form but if rooms are not available there I will have to stay in a different hotel. Do you think that could cause a problem? Will they check at the hotel that I mention on the form?

    • travelspy

      May 1, 2014 at 5:13 am

      No worries. You can write the name of your intended hotel. It does not matter. Most countries just want you to put some address in that slot.

  10. satish sirimalla

    April 19, 2014 at 4:23 am

    Thanks a lot – this is good info.

  11. Thanks a lot for the great blog and details.

    • Hi Travelspy,

      Quick question. I have one page left in my passport. The Thai Embassy in New Delhi says a minimum of 2 pages are required to apply at the Embassy for a tourist visa. So that doesn’t work for me. Will I be able to get VOA at Suvarnabhumi airport with just one blank page in my passport?

  12. Anamika kariya

    April 7, 2014 at 9:15 am

    Hey !! Thnx fo d post
    M travelling out fo first time n i wanted u to giv me sum details lik
    1-m travellin to krabi afta landin to bkk airport so voa shud b taken frm where??
    2-what amt in cash shud i carry to b shown on voa desk??inr plz
    3-wat odha documnts rather den passport,,money,,return tickets r required??
    4-voa is fo whole thailand trip??will it include krabi,,phuket,,phiphi??m new so dun no
    5-if m bookin online ol my flights n hotel,,do i find ne problm while explorin plces i mean do d cab’s n entry n ol cheat??o shud i hire an agent??
    6-do v easily get indian food??
    7-hw to travel frm krabi to phuket
    Hope u’ll answer n solve my problem

    • travelspy

      April 7, 2014 at 7:53 pm

      1- at BKK (see FAQ1 in the post above) 2- see A5 above. To convert to INR, go to Google and type 10,000 THB to INR. 3- See A1 to A8 above. 4- Yes, once you get the visa, you can stay in Thailand for 14 days and visit any place. 5- book flights and hotels on known websites, you’ll be fine. Example makemytrip, yatra etc. Cabs can be hit and miss, bit like India – some guys are good some cheat. Ask the cab guy to run the meter. 6. In BKK and Phuket, there are several Indian food places. Thai curries are a bit like Indian and you can request them to make it vegetarian so you can try that. 7. Check with your guesthouse, they will fix up a boat or minibus ride for you. There are several of these running everyday.

      • Anamika kariya

        April 8, 2014 at 5:58 am

        Thnx fo d reply!!
        I hv certain oda quiries i hope u dun mind me askin…
        1-krabi to phuket-hw to go n ne idea of xpenses
        2-hv planned my trip frm bkk airport-krabi(2days),,den phuket(3days),,den bkk(2-3days))so cn i add up pattaya in dz n extend ??i mean where to manage pattaya in btwn dz destinations n wat ll b d expenses
        3-shoppings malls n street shoppin address in bkk o ne f d above destinations
        4-r u sure ll b able to explore things easily??
        5-were is james bond island,,phi phi island,,koh sumai island,,safari island situated i mean frm vch f my destination r dz connected??plz plz plz do answer n olso lemme noe d entry chrges if ne!!
        6-d best n resonanl beers ?
        7-clubs n discs n der entry chrges??
        8-is it really safe using open wifi’s??
        9-wats found cheaper in gadgets in thailand n were to get dat??
        I noe its too much m askin :p n i hope u’ll answer me :)

        • travelspy

          April 8, 2014 at 8:36 am

          1. For the latest prices check the “getting there” section of Phuket and Krabi.
          2. Pattaya is closer to BKK, so you can go there from BKK and then you can head back to the BKK airport directly from Pattaya. Again check the “getting there” section on Pattay page at wikitravel
          3. MBK mall is good for clothes and electronics in BKK. You can get there via the skytrain.
          4. Yes, Thailand is pretty safe and there are people everywhere even late at night. The street food is safe. The taxi guys might try to scam you, but ask them use the meter. Before you head out to a mall or some other place, ask the reception at your guesthouse to show you the direction on the map. And do not trust anyone who is trying to get you cheap gemstones or good currency exchange rate. Change you money at the money changer counters, they are run by Thai banks and they are safe.
          5. It is Tour operators from Phuket as well as Kraabi will organise this for you. Again I am not sure what the current prices are but your guest house will have the rates, and ask the travel agencies around the hotel for rates.
          6- Singha and Chang are Thai local beers. Beer Lao from neighbouring Lao PDR is considered by many the beer in Asia if not the world. You can pretty much get any international beer in Thai tourist destinations.
          7- See Pick up the local time-out magazine. They have listing of latest happening places.
          8- Thailand no longer has that many open wi-fi points as compared to Cambodia and Vietnam. Your hotel wifi will be password protected so it should be fine. Avoid wi-fi that does not require a password to connect. Do not type in your password for gmail, yahoo etc. at a cybercafe or hotel computer, more so if it running windows. You can also buy an inexpensive SIM card at the airport.
          9- Thai people love latest gadgets, you can get good deals in the pre-owned phones category. Of course there is no warranty if you buy used phones. Also, if you buy new electronics, you can get tax refund. So it is a good place to buy Macbooks, Notebooks etc.

          My suggestion is not to tire yourself by trying to go to many cities. If I were you, I would just go to Bangkok and Phuket, make some local friends (local bookshops, meetup groups are good for this) and chill out. You can always head back another time. Thai beach destinations, though pretty, are choke full of tourists and not that enjoyable anymore. Cambodia is more fun these days.

  13. I am reaching DMK on 18 April 2014 at 0330 am. We are a family of 4 adults an 1 child (9Yrs) . I plan to go to Pattaya on arrival. Will I get a taxi to pattaya at that time and is it safe? Is a sedan enough for us? How much will it cost?

    • travelspy

      April 2, 2014 at 6:42 am

      Yes, you should be able to get the taxi and if you take it from the taxi counter at the airport, they are reliable. I am not sure about the price though.

  14. Friends,
    Never hire or use jet ski at Pattaya beach. After using the same, they will show some scratch marks and ask for huge compensation. We had to pay 10,000 BTH for a small hair thin scratch after negotiating from 25,000 BTH. So never go for jet ski. Never ever go for jet ski.

    • travelspy

      April 1, 2014 at 6:00 am

      Yes. I have avoided Pattaya altogether. I would recommend skipping the heavily touristed towns and head north or Deep South of Thailand. These places are more friendly and enjoyable.

  15. Hi ! Im travelling to Bangkok in a weeks time and staying with friends.What kind of documentation do i need to show for a VOA at the airport ?

  16. Hey Preetam..I really appreciate the great help u providing to ppl here in need lets see if u can help me with..: My Moldova GF is travelling to BKK with her Romanian she eligible to visa on arrival..or does she need to get visa in advance..thanks in advance

    • travelspy

      March 16, 2014 at 2:02 pm

      Buna!! I miss Moldovan food. Yes, Romania is in the list of countries that can avail visa on arrival.

  17. Hello Sir, I have differeny name on my Bank Account Statement and Passport. Can I get Visa for thailand.

  18. Hello Preetam, Last minute i saw 5 month validity in my passport. After two days I hv flight. What should I do ?

    • travelspy

      February 24, 2014 at 3:05 pm

      With less than 6 months validity, I am afraid that the airlines might not issue you a boarding pass. If your city has a passport office, then you can try getting a one year emergency passport.

  19. Hi Preetam
    we are planning to visit Bangkok and Cambodia. We are entering Cambodia from Thailand border. Would like to know if we can get re-entry visa at Cambodia-Thai border for Thailand. And also advise what all the papers require.

    • travelspy

      February 21, 2014 at 3:07 pm

      Get your hotel or a travel agent in Cambodia to get the Thai visa. You can not get the Thai visa at the Cambodia – Thai border.

      • Thanks for your reply, can you pls advise me what is procedure, fee and how many days it will take to get thai visa in Cambodia.
        Also advise if we (indian passpoort) can multi entry visa for thailand.


        • travelspy

          February 22, 2014 at 10:04 am

          Thailand does not issue multiple entry tourist visas any more. Like I said earlier, you have better chance of scoring a Thai visa in Cambodia if you apply via a travel agent or your hotels front desk. Fill the form, attach photo and photocopy of your onward ticket from Thailand and pass it to travel agent. I think it is about 50 USD or around there. It takes 1 to 2 days.

  20. Hi,
    Me and my husband are going to Bangkok on 17th Feb. My Travel agent asked us to keep 20000 Baht per person to show at VOA time.
    Do we really need to keep this much of cash with us. As, to the dealer, we already have paid for each and every thing we have to do in Thailand. Almost 80k.. it will be a huge amount to carry.
    Also we do not have any marriage certificate.(generally people at our side do not get into registrations)
    Please suggest.

  21. travelspy

    February 6, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    The amount is listed in THB. I think they are using the current exchange rate and rounding it up. Exchange rates always goes up and down. Run a search on google

  22. travelspy

    February 6, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    thanks, i’ve one more question, yesterday I called Thai embassy and they mentioned 700 USD per person is required at the time of VOA. I understand from your article that only 650 USD per couple/ family is required?

    I’m confused with this now, can you please advise. thanks in advance

  23. travelspy

    February 6, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    As long as you two are traveling together, you do not need any special proof.

  24. travelspy

    February 6, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    Hi preetam, thanks for the very useful article.
    I have a question, i’m travelling with my wife to Krabi on 15th Feb and changing flight at Bangkok.
    As a couple/ family you have mentioned THB 20,000 is enough, my questions is, what proof they require to consider us as a husband/ wife. As our family surnames are different on passport, do i need to consider separate funds for me and my wife? one more thing, our marriage certificate is in hindi language, is that required to confirm as a husband and wife?

    regards, kamal

  25. hai preetam, i am planning to go to bangkok next month and decided to use visa on arival. for the proof of funds weather they require the amount in cash itself ot any bank statement reflecting the rewuired amount can be shown or will they accept travellers cheque.

    • Please see the question number 7 in the FAQs at

  26. hey ….m going to thailand on 7th jan n i decide to get visa on arrival so plz tell me what documnets they will ask for? flight tickets rtrn ,hotel booking, anything else?

  27. hi…my wife’s passport is with emigration check required…will this create any hastle during emigrataion…or i have to get some more documents??

    • She can visit Thailand as it is one of the countries that is allowed even if you have ECR stamp on the passport. Here is the list of countries you can go even if you have the ECR on your passport – Pakistan, Bangladesh, European countries (excluding CIS countries), all countries of North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and South Africa

  28. Please help me to know if I can get Visa on arrival twice in one week.Actually our group will reach Bangkok on 10th Jan and will stay till 23rd Jan. But I have to come back to India on 15th Jan and then will fly back again on 20th Jan to Bangkok and then will come back on 23rd with my group.

    Thus can I get a tourist visa/visa on arrival on 10th Jan and then again on 20th Jan.

    Please help and suggest.

  29. What is the correct Evidence of adequate finance for Visa on Arrival? is it 10000 THB or 20000 THB per person. If I check on website is showing 20000 THB. Please Guide.

  30. Hi Preetam, First of all let me congratulate you as you are doing a great job. I’m in a tricky situation at the moment. Can you please help me out:1) I’m going on my honeymoon on 17 Dec 13. I would be reaching Bangkok on 17 dec 13 at 6.50 am and I’ve a connecting flight at 8.05 am to Phuket. Both the flights are Bangkok Airlines ones.2) As per your POST I will have to go to Transfer to Phuket Section (Q4 in FAQs) to get VOA and then board my flight 3) Is 1 hour enough to get VOA and catch the Phuket Flight ?

    • Yes. That counter is usually not so busy. Pack minimally, try to carry all your stuff as cabin luggage. Then you don’t have to worry about bags. Phuket has good many stores/malls where you can buy clothes etcYou also mentioned that both the flights are via same airlines. In such cases sometimes you can do the immigration in Phuket. But please double check with the flight crew. If indeed your immigration is at Phuket, then usually there is a airline staff carrying a placard with your next flight number when you disembark your first flight.

      • Thanks Preetam for the super quick reply. I was worried if 1 hour would be too less. Also, can I do my VOA in Phuket instead since it is an International Airport .

        • If you see the staff holding Phuket placard then they will advise you about next steps which might involve visa on arrival. If you do not see them, then you will have to get the visa on arrival for sure. In any case be prepared for it.

          • Thanks Preetam. Since I’ve transit flight(Both Bangkok Airways), can’t the VOA be done in Phuket ? Is it mandatory for VOA to be done at Bangkok ?

          • In recent years, Thaiand prefers people doing their immigration at the first international Thai airport the visitors land at. Hence the special VOA counters at Suvarnabhoomi (Bangkok) for people heading to Phuket, Chiang Mai etc. The VOA at Phuket is for international flights that come directly from other countries. But as I mentioned before, your flight crew will have the latest information for you so please ask them and travel light just in case you have to get the VOA in Bangkok.

  31. Hi, any clue how safe is it to travel to Thailand now with ongoing protest? How safe are Phuket and Chiang Mai? I believe they are not impacted in the protest.

    • Don’t worry about it. I was there a few weeks back. Just avoid the neighbourhoods where the protesters gather. Other cities have no problems.

  32. Hi Preetam, I just want to clarify one thing. I am going with my wife and two children. Do we all need to stand in the queue for visa on arrival or I can get their passport stamped by carrying their visa application alone while they wait around close by? Do we have to collect separate token for each application or can we submit it together as family…??? I am going to Pattaya first and then return to Bangkok from Subarnabhumi Airport. What shall I mention in arrival and departure form about from and next city..??? Thanks for your kind information.

    • You can all go together to the visa officer. Arrival and departure cities are both the city in India from where you boarded your flight.

  33. Hi Pritam,The information you provide is very useful. Would like to ask one question…….Am an Indian going there as a tourist …..What if I have booked a hotel only for the first day & decide to book the rest once i am there. Plan to go to Bangkok, Koh Samui & Phuket. Please advice as have booked only 1 hotel in bangkok…..will that be a problem for the visa on arrival??

    • No problems. See the FAQ above for Q8. My travel agent or someone told me that you have to show 1000USD (or some other amount) or hotel reservations etc. Is it true?

  34. Hi Preetam, Its really helpful through the responses and suggestions you make.We are 20pax travelling from Bangalore to Singapore,stay for 3days.From Singapore we fly to Phuket,stay 3days.From Phuket we fly to Kulaplumpur stay 3days.From KL back to Bangalore.(Bangalore-Singapore-Phuket-Malaysia-Bangalore).I will be taking Singapore & Malaysia visa here in India.We will be carrying all return airtickets & confirmed hotel bookings. My doubt and question is will we get VOA in Phuket as it would be our second tourist destination.Some say we have to get it in India,as we are not directly traveling to Thailand.

    • I have made similar trips where I go from Singapore to Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and then to Bangkok and get the VOA. There is no problem as long as you can show a ticket out of Thailand. They don’t care if Thailand is your first, second or last destination. This is probably a rumor spread by travel agents who want people to get the Thai visa via them.

  35. Hi,I will be arriving with my family from Sydney on 3rd Jan 22:35 at Tribhuvan airport(BKK) by Thai airways and i have the connecting flight to Delhi on 4th Jan at 20:40. THis option was provided by airline on its website and I booked accordingly. now i have about 22 hours as transit time. Option 1) stay at airport overnite and full day(next) ….:( any hotel inside airport??)

    option 2) go out and stay at any hotel and also see Bangkok (at least we will ahve time till 4/5pm next day)

    Do i need a transit visa if i choose option 2. answer might be Yes. do Thai air provide this VOA or i will have to do it all and pay fees myself. my tkt do not show any indication.

    • 1. Tribhuvan airport is not in BKK, I think it is the airport in Nepal. If you are an Indian citizen or citizen of most developed countries, you do not need a visa for Nepal.2. If indeed it is BKK, Thailand where you are heading, you will have to take a Visa on Arrival (if you are Indian citizen) if you plan to get out of the airport. The airport does have hotels and there are several hotels close to the airport. Search on for “hotels near Suvarnabhumi”.

  36. Hey Preetam,A question about connection of international and domestic flight connections, but this time its regarding Don Muang !

    My international Air Asia flight (FD2672) will arrive DMK on Fri 13 Dec 2013, 0555 hrs ( 5:55AM).

    Then my domestic Air asia flight to phuket (FD3039) is at 0840 hrs ( 8:40AM).

    Different flight….different tickets.

    *Is this time gap enough? (I am going to take VOA).

    *What else I have to do in between i.e. check in, luggage collect etc ?

    *To be safe side , I will carry 10000 Baht in cash, for Visa on arrival. Is it ok ?

    BTW…Nice Blog ….

    • One hour is good for visa on arrival. If possible try to just carry cabin luggage. That you will save time checking in. Don Muang is a smaller airport and the distances between the gates is not that large.

  37. Hi Preetam,I must say very interesting Q&A sessions you are providing here.

    We have planned a criuse from Penang-Phuket-Krabi-Penang as a couple (1 British & 1 Indian national). Certainly I would land via air route to Penang (so will require pre-stamped visa for my Indian partner).

    My query is, Will both of us require pre-stamped visa for Thailand while embarkation at Penang? for Phuket & Krabi.

    Is VOA applicable for port entries?



    • Garry, if you are from a country that does not need a visa for Thailand, you can enter Thailand via port entry points. Cruise ship companies in Singapore and Malaysia advise Indians to get the Thai visa in advance. The best is call your nearest Thai embassy and check if there has been any update on this policy.

  38. really very helpfull info thank u thanks a looottt

  39. hi well, I had a good trip to thailand, and now I am in yangon, I would like to share my experience as I this page helped me a lot on my queries.VOA is available for indian peoples, I got my VISA in 10 minutes, its very easy, just follow the steps given at first.surprisngly they didnt ask me to show any money. got my visa very fast.

  40. Preetam U R THE MAN, really good Info .Keep up the good work

  41. such helpful information given by you .. i appreciate it ..thanks .all information is really helpful and write step by step ..thanks again

  42. hi,preetam thanks for all information.

    preetam can you inform me about exchange amount for INR TO BAHT IN thailand airport

  43. I will be raeching Bangkok-Don Mueang Airport(DMK) around 5pm on 8 jan 2014 can you plz pass the link for airport status check

  44. Hi i am scheduled to visit bangkok this jan. so can you plese guide me what are the doc. they req. from me during visa. i already have a return tickt. And do i have to knw a local person to get entred as gurantee as i saw this kind of a column in Visa form.

    • All you need to do is scroll up and read the post.

    • I have just come back from Thailand. I got my VOA at DMK, Bangkok. You need to attach a 4 cm x 6 cm photo on the application form and submit at the counter along with your return ticket and THB 1000. That’s it. They may or may not ask you to show Thai currency you are carrying. Please follow Preetam’s instructions and you will have no problem.Thanks Preetam for your help.

  45. Kairav Tarmaster

    October 30, 2013 at 7:43 am

    Any website to check the number of flights arriving at Bangkok (or for that matter any airport) at a point in time? I am flying into Bangkok at 6:50 am and then my next flight to Koh Samui is at 8:15 am. Both flights are with Bangkok Airways from Suvarnabhumi airport. Was thinking of taking a chance of VOA instead of applying with Thai Embassy in India. I do have sufficient time to get my Thai Visa in India too.

  46. hello preetaqmwhat are the charges for bus from Bangkok airport to phuketand what is the price range of hotels in Bangkok and phuket

    • The bus price ranges from 500 to 1000 THB depending on the type of bus take. See for accommodation the price can be as low as 8 USD if you stay at dormitory style places and can range up to couple of hundred dollars for luxury hotels. Generally you can get a decent place for USD 20 to 30. Please check or similar site – you will be able to enter the place in Bangkok or Phuket you want to stay and see the corresponding prices.

  47. Thanx Preetam for your valuable advice. I also want to request all readers that if we all do a single helping act like preetam is doing, this earth will be a worth place for living

  48. Hi,I am travelling with a couple of friends this december.Do we individually have to take 10000 TBH per person, coz that ll be a lot of money for each of us to carry. None of us are related so we cant show family.

    Also, you mentioned, credit cards (amex) and debit cards are not acknowledged?Please tell us what elsecan we do in that case.

    P.S. i have a friend living in thailand, can i take his reference or something?

  49. Hi Preetam ,Thanks for al lthe info

    but i have 1 more question .

    pls guide me i will fly with Thai airways from delhi to phuket but for which i have to change flight from bangkok airport.Kindly assist, do i need visa on arrival at bangkok or will i get visa on arrival at phuket. Thanks Abhishek…

    • Abhishek, Please see FAQ 4 in the post above. General rule is that if the transit time is short, the immigration is at Phuket otherwise it will be at BKK.

  50. dear preetam i am arriving bkk next week i will stay there for 3 nights and then proceed to phuket by bus, tickets for which i m thinking of booking through bkk only. in this case am i required to show the visa officer my booked bus ticket or i can book it in bkk

    • All they are interested is your ticket out of Thailand. They don’t care about your domestic travels. You do not have to show proof of any travel within Thailand. The aircon in the bus is often running at full blast. Take some extra tshirts that you can wear on top of your shirt.

  51. Is there any way to avoid visa sticker on the passport

  52. Is it necessary to book a hotel in thailand in advance for the purpose of on-arrival Visa. Do they ask to show confirmation details for booked hotel. And, if not, then what I need to fill for the “Address in thailand” in the form. Please help me on this.

  53. Dear PreetamPlease advise me for required documents for on arrival visa

    1. No of Photo’s : 2. Thai Visa Fee :3. How many Dollars to Show for visa Grant: 4. any other:


    October 10, 2013 at 8:35 am

    Hi Preetam,Your blog has been a great help and most of my questions have been answered. SInce I will be flying to Don Muang, please can you briefly tell me about the location of VOA counter and the staff’s availability in the early morning hours. I will be traveling with my family and we have a connecting flight to Krabi with a gap of 4 hours. Should that be OK for the complete process of VOA, etc ?

    • The VOA counters are open 24 hours. And they are signs all over leading to the place. Four hours should be enough (DM has less planes coming in compared to the other airport) but if you do see a long queue, you can show your onward tickets to the person who checks your documents. They may expedite your visa if they feel that you don’t have enough time.

      • Thanks a lot. Another question. Since there would not be a visa stamp while leaving India, could there be any issue raised by the Indian airport immigration team during departure ?

        • No they will not bother you at the immigration (or at the check in counter) as they know that Thailand offers visa on arrival for your citizenship.

  55. Hi, Me and my wife are travalling to Pattaya. we have booked hotel and return flight even then do we have to carry 20000 THB?

  56. If I have only 2 months of validity left on my passport would they still issue me VOA? Or should I obtain visa from Thai consulate India only? Kindly reply me as soon as possible as I am traveling on this 17th October 2013.

    • With 2 months validity, even the check in counter in Indian airport will refuse to give you the boarding pass and the Indian immigration won’t let you out. You better get a new temporary passport.

  57. Hi Preetam – We two friends will be travelling to Bangkok. one will be flying from Bangalore and will reach at 9.30 AM and I will be flying from Delhi and will reach at 11.30 AM . My friend has booked a hotel for three days for both. will there be any issue for me if the booking is in his name and I show the print during VISA on arrival process.

    • You need not show the hotel booking. Just write down the name of the hotel on the VOA form and the embarkation slip.

    • You do need to show your hotel booking details at all. Just fill in the name of the hotel under the address in Thailand section.

  58. amit srivastava

    October 8, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    Sir I m going to bangkok on 17 October but I don’t have a surname in my passport. My full name is amit srivastava but in passport my given name as Amit and surname field is blank. Will that be a problem during VOA process?

    • Just fill their visa form and other documents with the name that is displayed in your passport.

      • amit srivastava

        October 9, 2013 at 3:18 am

        What should I write in family name column?

        • Mate don’t worry about it too much. Fill in your family name and your name in the form. Just make sure that whatever you fill also appears on your passport (perhaps as middle name or part of your first name). I would also recommend that you get your name fixed the next time you renew your passport. You might have more difficulties when you plan to travel to some western countries.

  59. Thanks for the prompt response.Another query. We have a wait time of a few hours at Don Mueang Airport before we board our flight to Phuket. If our VOA is done quickly can we go out of the airport? Are there counters at the DM airport that sell local SIM? What docs are required to buy a local SIM?

    • Yes you can go out. Though there is nothing much interesting very close to that airport. If you are a train geek, you could walk to the train station nearby and watch some Thai trains.Yes there should be phone shops. You can buy the SIM cards from convenience stores such as 7-11 too. You don’t need to show any id while buying the SIM card.

  60. Hi Preetam, you are doing a great job by helping travelers.We are arriving at Don Mueang airport on 28th Oct morning and will opt for VOA. As I understand from your Post, we need to show 20000 THB for a family. We are a family of four, 2 adults and 2 kids (10 yrs + 4 yrs). So is 20000 THB enough for the whole of family or do we need to show 40000 THB? Are 10000 THB each to be shown for the 2 kids as well?

    Also, there’s one senior citizen of 65 yrs travelling with us. Is there any separate documentation required for her for the VOA processing? Are there any restrictions for senior citizens entering Thailand?

    • Typically if they see a father, mother and kids together, they will not trouble you for additional proof. It is only if you have an extra cousin etc. that they may want to see same family name etc. So do not worry about it. 20,000 THB is fine. As for the senior citizen, again if he or she has same family name matching yours (or your wives), you are fine. If not, then just prepare for additional 10,000 THB just in case. There is no restriction on the age of the traveler. You will find that many of the western or East Asian solo travelers to Thailand tend to be older. Thanks for your kind words, have a good trip.

  61. Three of us ( self, wife and 11 year old daughter ) are visiting to Thailand with Tourist Agency in November 13 . Tourist Operator told us to carry $ 700 per person ( i.e. 1400 USD per family as third member is minor ) or equivalent Thai currency. But as you told, 20000 Thai baths are required.Pl advice how much USDs we need to carry with us while applying for visa on arrival..

  62. Hello Preetam, I am travelling with my family (incl. kids) to Bangkok next wk. I wanted to know if there is a lounge area/ hotel/ area to relax at the Don Muang Airport since our return flight from Bangkok is at 7:35 PM and we will arrive from Phuket in the morning around 9:30 AM. And can we leave our baggage at the airport if we wish to go to the city and return back in the evening? (Abaggage counter)/ or if we can check in our baggage for our evening flight in the morning itself?

  63. Hi, i am planning to go to Bkk from Delhi with my husband, daughters aged 18 and 11yrs on 12 oct-16 oct. We have contacted a trip organiser.Is it fine to get a package or go on our own booking a hotel and taking flight ourselves.

    • You can do it yourself. Try to book a hotel on Sukumwit Road. That way you can use the skytrain to travel to some of the places. I prefer the Skytrain as you avoid the traffic jams. For flights, I use Skyscanner to find the cheapest fares and then I book via the site it recommends. For hotels, I use or The advantage of booking yourself is that you have flexibility on what you want to do on that day. If you a bit squeamish about visiting local destinations on your own, your hotel’s travel desk can always arrange a taxi and a day trip for you. Even if you end up going via the trip planner, it is better to do a quick check on Skyscanner and to see if you are getting a good deal.

  64. Hii there, Our trip is15th oct’2013 – Mumbai to HongKong19th Oct’2013 – HongKong to Bangkok23rd Oct’2013 – Bangkok to Mumbai.

    Can we apply for VOA as we will land in thailand from China.

  65. Hi Preetam, I am travelling in Nov with my family. My flight is from mumbai to phuket via bangkok. my halt at bangkok airport is of only 2 hrs. Do i apply for visas right now only or opt for visa on arrival? do i have to take VOA at bangkok or phuket?

  66. Hi Preetam. I am going to Phuket In November with my wife. Apart from the documents mentioned above for Visa on Arrival , will I require anything else like a Marriage Certificate/Bank Statement,etc.In the Visa on Arrival form which flight number am I suppose to enter – the arrival or the departure one?

    • No, you don’t anything else. See Q7 in the FAQ section of the post. They do not specifically ask for marriage certificate at immigration or anywhere. But it is a good idea to snap a picture of the certificate, your passport etc on your phone. The flight number on the visa form is your arrival flight number. Phuket is nice, good place to try Russian food.

  67. hi i am from india ..look like very hard process and you say if no fill up form or does 1 mistake then they can take me out from there??? you say you just fill up 14 days only?… and i heard we can take on arrive visa for a month… anyway i need longtime visa 1 or 3 month then can you say how i can take long visa

    • Well, VOA is not hard. Just fill everything, you will be all-right. Don’t believe in hearsay, always ask the person who told you something if they have actually done this. The only way to get a 30 day or longer visa is to apply at an embassy. And you will need a lot of supporting documents – for example letter from your business contacts etc.

  68. hiI am flying to Bangkok from Delhi on 6th night and my husband is leaving a day before. I was gathering info about VOA and that’s how I landed onto ur page. I wanted to get Visa beforehand but I am told that the Thai embassy takes 3 working days to give Visa. and tomo being a holiday on account of 2nd Oct there are only 2 working days left in this week. Therefore don’t have an option except VOA. I have got answer to most of my queries. Just left with a small doubt. I have recently got my passport renewed .. it was expiring + had to change my surname post marriage and get my hubbys name in it.Since my new passport has no visa stamp so far.. and old passport is with a different name (surname) . will i face any issues on VOA.. and identity issue or something.. Do i need to carry any additional document. ls advise

    Also can u suggest a good hotel in pattaya what abt eating options for Vegetarian in Bangkok as well as Pattaya. Any recommendations ? Thanks in advance :)

    • There is no problem with the name change in passport. Other details such as your date of birth, place of birth etc. will not change. So you need not worry about it. In Thailand too, women take on husband’s family name after marriage so this is not unusual for them. if you do have any marriage certificate etc. jus take a photo of it and carry on your phone. They do not specifically ask for it in Thailand at immigrations or at hotels but it is handy to have a digital copy of your documents just in case.Well, I have always avoided Pattaya, I am usually in smaller towns up north or deep south. For Pattaya, I would recommend checking out the Wikitravel page (under the sleep section). For vegetarian food see Subway Sandwich is always a backup.

  69. Hi Preetam,very useful information provided.Will be going to phuket shortly.Is there any strict requirement about the size of the photograph required and number of photos for visa on arrival at phuket.Regards,Rajiv

  70. HI , I was informed that I have to carry 1000usd per family, is that amount necessary

  71. Hi Preetam, please advise how much cash we need to carry each person in rupees to avail the visa on arrival. We will have our return ticket along with us on arrival. Thank you

    • Hi, the information is there up on the post. See 5. Proof of ability to stay in Thailand. For conversion to Indian currency, use Google. Just type 10000 THB to INR in google search box.

  72. Hi Preetam, first i would really like to thank you for all the effort you are putting in to help us out. Actually me and my frnd also plaaning to viisit Thailand in the month of April. The only problem is curently i am staying in Bangalore and he is in Sikkim and we together want to apply for visa. so we are thinking of applying for visa in the month of Jan or feb but we are not so sure if we would get the validity until April. Please guide me regarding the procedure for applying for visa. Thanks

    • I have never applied for Thai visa in India so I am not familiar with the process. In the post above there is a link to VFS, they can help you with visa processing in select city. Otherwise, as long as you prepare the stuff listed in the post above, the visa on arrival is easy.

      • Jayanto Chatterjee

        September 27, 2013 at 10:07 am

        I also had a dilema whether to apply for Visa on Arrival or apply for Visa in India thru VFS. In the end i applied thru VFS. Its ridiculously easy. you go to the VFS Centre the first day and submit your passport and documents for verification. basically they look to see (a) confirmed flight bookings in and out of Thailand. (2) Confirmed Hotel booking for the entire duration of your stay in thailand and (3) Proof of Financial Solvency. While applying thru VFS you can show your bank statement as proof of solvency, tho this may not be accepted for Visa on Arrival. One you have satified them on these three counts you can get your passport back by the third day of your visa application submission. when we got off at bangkok we were amused to see ALL Passengers head for Visa on arrival while we sailed through immigration.

  73. Dear Preetam,1. how many photos required. 2. Is there any place i can download the form so i can fill in advance.3. Since i am also travelling via cruise from Singapore – should i apply for Visa on arrival (in case its multiple entry) – since then i will travel to malysia and then to thailand.4. Any other papers req.5. Can u list a few things on must see (not too much into Zoo)6. Can u list some good bargain spots (First copy watched and handbags)

    • 1. how many photos required.>One2. Is there any place i can download the form so i can fill in advance.>You can find the form on the internet somewhere but they will reject a printed form most of the time3. Since i am also travelling via cruise from Singapore should i apply for Visa on arrival (in case its multiple entry) since then i will travel to malysia and then to thailand.>As far as I know, for a cruise trip, you cannot get the visa on arrival. You will have to get the visa in advance.4. Any other papers req.Nothing more than what is listed in the post above5. Can u list a few things on must see (not too much into Zoo) is pretty exhaustive. Clicking on each district will take you to further attractions.6. Can u list some good bargain spots (First copy watched and handbags)The area around Nana skytrain station and Patpong area is where such stuff is sold. Though my advice is to skip it, its all pretty shoddy stuff and you almost always will get scammed. Spend your money on experiences instead.

  74. I appreciate this blog , it helped me a lot while getting my first VOA at Thailand.As per my experience , people who are planning for cities other than bangkok and pattaya for e.g. if you are flying to phuket first , your visa will be processed earlier in a separate counter so that your time is saved and you can catch your flight.The officer saw my confirmed ticket for phuket and wrote “Domestic” on my application form while document check process.I went to a dedicated counter for domestic passengers and got visa in 10 min after document check.So all friends who want to travel to phuket and bangkok /pattaya, first go to phuket .Besides visa processing , there is another advantage , phuket is costly for shopping so you can come to bangkok and shop to your capacity.


  75. Great effort, Preetam. i will be travelling to Don muang from kolkata next month. Does my 4 and half years old daughter require a well? We are Uk resident and she doesn’t require a schengen visa while visiting those countries being under 5. Wondering if its the same for thailand as well?Joy.

    • Apologies Joy, I have no information on this. My feeling is that if your daughter has a passport, she will need the visa. So it is better to just prepare for it.

  76. Can I use downloaded visa on arrival form for Thailand ?

    • I will recommend using the form they have at the counter. Many people emailed me to say that they refused to accept the printed forms.

  77. HI Preetam,I am travelling to Koh Samui from delhi via Bangkok in Thai Airways in November first week.I will arrive in Bangkok at around 7 am in morning and then next flight from bangkok is at 8 25 am. Will I be given Visa on Arrival at Koh Samui or at BKK?If it is BKK , will it be safe to wait for VOA , when ur next flight is just after 85 minutes?

    Need help!!

  78. I am planning to travel 2nd oct to 6th Oct 2013 reaching by jet airways from Mumbai flight It reaches in morning at 7am Thai time, should i go for express visa or normal visa on arrival around that time or make sense to apply visa from Mumbai in advance to avoid long rush. A 30-45mins wait is fine with me on arrival just dont want to wait 2-3 hours in queue for the same. If i want to do it from Thane- Mumbai whom should i approach and what details required.

  79. Hi preetam, It’s really appreciating on your part that you are helping the persons on the move… So that I am here… Boss I am leaving with my wife and 2 children of age 4 and 1 and also my friend with his wife and infant baby of age 1 year on 18th September from Delhi to Bangkok on indigo airlines and will reach suvarnbhumi airport At 12 night… Firstly I want to ask you did there is huge queues at that time also on voa counters? Next my flight is around 6.50 am in the morning from don muang airport to Phuket from airasia… Do we have the ample time to catch up my flight to Phuket if we go thru voa counters and next we want to ask you what will be the best way to transfer to don muang airport… Also please reply if it sufficient if I carry my credit and debit card statements of 6 months and around 2 lakh of balances in my debit card or still I have to carry thai bhats there.. I just think that practising usd conversion first and then usd to thai bhat will cost high conversion for 2 times or should we take inr 50000 for my family…..with me… Also I had all prepaid vouchers of hotels at 3 nights in Phuket 2 nights in krabi 2 nts in bkk with all prebooked flights in between.. Please suggest.

    • –Firstly I want to ask you did there is huge queues at that time also on voa counters?Like I have said in the post, the wait times are unpredictable. It all depends how many flights from China, India, Ukraine etc. arrive at the time of your arrival. All these large countries need visa on arrival. I would recommend paying 200THB per person extra and taking the premium queue. Again sometimes the premium queue is taken over by Chinese tour groups so it won’t help much.

      –Do we have the ample time to catch up my flight to Phuket if we go thru voa counters and next we want to ask you what will be the best way to transfer to don muang airport.That late at night, you are better off taking the taxi.

      – Also please reply if it sufficient if I carry my credit and debit card statements of 6 months and around 2 lakh of balances in my debit card or still I have to carry thai bhats thereYou do not need to show the spending money in THB. It can be any currency (INR, USD, RMB, JPY etc.) as long as the conversion is equal to the Thai amount. Sometimes they check this, last week when I was there, they never asked to show the money. So it is purely dependent on how strict the visa officer you meet is. My adage always do exactly what they say on their official visa on arrival rules. If the visa officer ignores your bank statements and insists on seeing the spending money, you will spend a lot of time arguing with the officer and the people in the queue behind you will get angry. I am sure you are planning to take some INR or USD to spend in Thailand, just show this money.

      • Thanks bros. so I decided better to take inr 10000@ per person… So want to ask one thing that I had a family in which we are two adults with 2 child of age 1 and 5… So I want to ask whether as per customs can I take inr 10000 for each with me.. That’s mean total of inr 40000 .. Or it considered to be for 2 adults only… Also clarify one thing… Taking thai bhat here in our country is very shortage.. And there is very high conversion rate for taking this currency.. As I today confirm the rates of Thai bhat they are offering inr 2.2 and use they are offering 63.25 and they said me to take usd with me and I will get good conversion rate for Thai bhat against usd in Thailand. But I am thinking that there is no worth to pay conversion rate double time. So I think better to take my debit card with me….. And will use ATM there to withdraw Thai bhat so as how much to be required there and bank will charge 120 approx. withdrawal charges plus 3.87 percent of conversion charge.. So please suggest me what to do…what will be the best way to carry out money there

        • The money you need to show is 20,000 THB (or around 635 USD etc) per family. Don’t buy THB in India, it will be expensive. USD is better. If you withdraw via your card, you will pay 1)An ATM fees 2) Your bank fee for overseas transaction. You will also get a very bad conversion rate. So you are better off taking USD. Use your debit or credit card only in emergency. Also, you might have to call up your bank and ask them to enable your card for overseas use. Some banks do not allow cards to be used outside the country to prevent fraud.

        • Gourav its always better to carry INR and convert it at into bhat at Thailand. You will get a good rate there as compare to India. The ATM charge at Phuket per withdrawal is now 185 Bhat, so using debit/credit card internationally is a costly affair except exigency and if require withdraw maximum in one transaction.Happy journey…..cheers.

          • thanks saurish.. i am also thinking about that better to carry out inr and change them in thailand.. but i had consult with my hdfc bank that they will charge rs 100 + service tax for atm withdrwal transaction.. + i have to pay 3.5 % + service tax on the withdrwal for forex. and i had calculated that 1 bhat equals to 1.98 inr today and adding 3.87 % in it.. will just cost me around inr 2.05 per bhat.. so isnt it better to take some inr with me.. around inr 40000 (inr 10000/- allowed per person) and we are 2 adults and 2 kids… can you suuggest me.. which denominations are valid to take along with….

          • Try to carry a higher denomination, i.e. 1000/ or 500/ rather than taking 100/ it will convenient and you will also get good rate rather than the smaller denomination.

  80. i have only 1 page is left in my passport does it allow for visa on arrival?? need help …urgent plz.

  81. Thanks Preetam…

  82. Hi Preetam,I will be travelling to bangkok tonight from Kolkata, and reaching BKK at 1 am Thai time. Then after a 5 hour interval, my next flight is from Don Muang Airport to Phuket. So while filling up the arrival card, what shall I write in the “FROM / PORT OF EMBARKATION” and “NEXT CITY / PORT OF DISEMBARKATION”.

  83. Hi Preetam, I am going first time to Thailand in this month with my 2 other friends, we already booked our package including hotel, transfer, return air tkts (CCU to DMK as well DMK to HKT). I Just want to know how much THB Currency or USD Per Person we need to carry for Visa on Arrival. Actually i am confused coz some travel agent said to me 20,000 THB require but as per your post u mentioned 10,000 THB.Per Person So kindly advise which one is correct.

  84. Thanks for the diagram buddy, except for carrying 2 sets of clothes in a hand bag. For a day trip perhaps, they will be used up in a day, its so damm humid.

  85. Preetam,What to say about your helping efforts for such a long time to a very large number of people, it’s really deserves a lot appreciation and join hands. Your small and to the point advise is really helpful I found earlier.This time we are planning to visit Phuket in end of October and will do our VOA at Subarnobhummi airport. We have booked the entire flight with TG with a layover of @4.45am at Bangkok. Do you think its a quite long interval and we need to book a 3-5 hours lounge at the Bangkok airport? As we are travelling in economy class at TG so they do not offer lounge which we have to book separately if we want to avail. Do you have any idea about Bangkok Flight Service(BFS)? They offer lounge at a very reasonable price.Please share your opinion.Regards Saurish

  86. Hello preetamI have a similar query wich u have already answered many times bt I wanna noe how much money do I really need to show to visa officials at bkk for visa on arrival. Because my agent told me I have to show 40000 baht nd other agent also told me dat I hav to show 1200usd per family. And which all currency are accepted by them? Can I show them multiple currencies since I m planning a trip to singapore,Malaysia,thailand nd thailand is my 1st destination..

    • Hi. I am traveling, will keep it short. Follow what is up there in the post. It is accurate- I just entered Thailand again 3 days back.

  87. Hi Preetam,Much appreciated for your supports to the needy people. I ( am indian) wish to travel Thai land for a stay of 45 days. but i will get my passport after renewal on tommorrow (03/09/2013) only so i feel there is no much time to apply to visa on my home county. Please advise me may i get on arrival visa for 45 days, if no what is other recommendatation or options to get the same.

    • Visa on arrival is only available for 15 days. Even if you apply at the embassy you will only get 30 days max. The purpose of these visa is tourism so you do not get longer duration. In the past, travelers used to go to neighboring countries for a few days and come back for another visa but now this practice is frowned upon. More so don’t risk it with an Indian passport.

  88. thanks a lot.Its not the same plane, the flight number is different. I still have time for my trip, hence I am planning to take visa in india to avoid any problems during travel. i was advised that taking thai visa in india is an expensive affair. Is it a regular practise? Can you guide on that point as well.

    • If it is not the same plane, you will be greeted by the airlines crew with your flight number on a placard. These ladies will lead you to the boarding area for the next flight. Krabi may not have that big a crowd as BKK, so I think you should be fine with visa on arrival. I have never applied for a Thai visa in India so I can’t advice you on that. But yes applying at the embassy also means waiting in a queue and then going back to collect the passport. I have a link to VFS on the post above. They are the visa agents for Thai embassy. Try contacting them.

  89. Hi Preetam, Thanks for all the guidance. I have flight bookings from Mumbai to krabi with a stopover at bangkok. The guy at cleartrip with whom i made the bookings said the immigration formalities will be done at krabi and not at bangkok. Its a bankok airways flight all the way. It differs to your earlier opinion and advice. Please throw some light on the matter.

    • Yes, it depends on various factors. Some international flights are processed in Bangkok and some at the last destination. If you are flying the same plane that goes to BKK and then to Krabi, your immigration will be at Krabi. If you are switching planes, then it will be at BKK.

  90. hey there so if i choose to get visa on arrival, what is the procedure to take a plane from india??? do immigration officer in india ask anything from us???

    • No, the immigration guys will see your boarding pass and know that you are going to Thailand. They do not ask anything if the country that you are going has a visa on arrival.

  91. Hi Ome more question i have taken a thailand package tour for 3 day.Travelling from india &plaiing to take visa on arrival in thailand.In such case also do i have to show 10000 bhts per persaon as proof of ability to stay there????

  92. HiThe above information were really useful.I have a question.Iam travelling to Malaysia from India for a holiday trip.From malysia i will go to thailand &will return back to malaysia.&lastly returning from malayia to india.Planning to take malaysia visa from india before my travel.Do need to take visa again as am crossing malaysia &coming back again???

  93. Thanks a ton for your info!

  94. hiI am going to bangkok in Nov, my plan is to stay there for 3 days, and then board to myanmar via air asia. so all flight from new delhi to bangkok land on suavranbhumi airport or the 2nd one? Also I can get the visa on arrival at bangkok, which will work as a transit visa for me to myanmar, as I am going to yangon from bangkok, then back to bangkok from yangon, and then back to india via tourist visa is ok for all these travel, or I need additional plan is to stay 3 days in bangkok, nd 6-7 days in yangon. so the total period is less than 14 days.please calrify.also please tell me what is the processing time for visa in thai embassy in new delhi>

    • 1. When you arrive into Thailand, you will apply for the visa on arrival. This will last till your flight to Burma. As the visa that you get on arrival is single entry, you will use it up once you exit Thai immigration to take the Rangoon flight. When you return to Thailand from Burma, you will have to apply for another visa on arrival.2. Which airport the plane lands on depends on the airline. The easiest way to find is to run a google search with your flight number. For example type “Thai AirAsia 2936″ on google and search. Google with return with the flight details. If the airport is DMK then it is Don Muang (the old but more fun airport) and if the airport is BKK, then it is the new airport – Suvarnabhumi.

      3. I am not sure about the processing time at Thai embassy in Delhi. Try contacting VFS, the visa agents for Thai Embassy in India. The link is in the post above.

      • hi thanks for your prompt reply, can I get a multiple entry tourist visa for thailand?

        • They stopped giving out multiple entry visas a while back. You could still score one from smaller consulates in forgotten countries by charming the consulate officers but even that got harder or perhaps I got older.

          • thanks, if I get a visa from India, then also I need to show 10000 baht fund on arrival ay bangkok?which hotel in bangkok you recomend, in terms on near to airport and city life?

          • If you have the visa from the embassy then you need not show the money. As for hotels, there are hundreds of them in BKk. I will recommend the Sukumvit area for first timers. Refer to the Wikipedia page for Bangkok, they have some recommendations there.

  95. as i m going to singapore in first week of september, should i pre book my hotels from interner? The prices on the internet are too high. Even Two star hotels are starting their room rates from 5000 ++. I cant even expect to stay in 3 star with such a high prices of 7500++ even when september is an off season month. Please suggest.

    • Singapore is expensive. It is difficult to get a hotel for less than 70 SDG. If you want to live on a budget, I would recommend staying at a hostel. You can get a decent hostel bed for 25 to 30 SGD. Check hostelworld or

  96. i applied for tourist visa for singapore which i get yesterday,i have a stay in singapore then i m going to board cruise from singapore port and then return back to singapore and after one more day stay in singapore return back to delhi by malasian airlines.

    is there any MULTIPLE VISA required for singapore bcoz i m exiting singapore by cruise and then re-entering singapore by cruise?

    i didnt find any term of multiple visa on singapore embassy website.

    plz help.

  97. Hello, This was seriously a good discussion and i really appreciate. Mean while could you advice me what is the requirement of the photo which has to be pasted on the form. I mean what background color should it be. And do i need to carry my documents while i am in Thailand? Do the police checks for the identity or it is ok if i keep in the safe box at the hotel where i am staying? Thanks in advance for your help.

    • As long as the photo is similar in size and style as your passport photo, it is fine. Good to have a single color background.The only time, I was ever asked for passport while traveling in Thailand was once in the southern city of Yala, the security was more there because that area has insurgency problem. It is a good idea to have your passport with you if you are traveling to this area or any of the border areas. If your plan is to visit only the popular tourist cities such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket etc. then you need not carry the passport with you when you go out. Leave it at the locker in the hotel. But it is always a good idea to carry photocopy of the first page of the passport with you. Just fold the photocopy and keep it in your wallet.


    • As long as you have a ticket out of Thailand within 15 days of your arrival, it should be fine for Thai immigration. I would recommend that you call Jetstar Asia and ask them if you can do a transfer to your Malaysian airline flight without going through the immigration in Singapore.


    • Hotel booking is not necessary for visa on arrival but you must fill in the name of the hotel (where you plan to stay) on the visa form.

  100. Is a photograph required to be enclosed along with the VOA form

  101. Hi.. im working in USA in H1B visa my visa got expired on July 2013 and i got my visa extension docuemtns. with this can i got to Thailand? and come back to USA? or do i need to have my visa stamped before coming to usa?

    • If the boarding pass agent handling you has experience with such type of cases, it will be easy. But if they have not seen a situation as yours, be prepared to give some detailed explanations etc. As far as Visa on arrival is concerned they just want to see your return tickets. Another idea will be to call your airlines and explain to them your situation. Request them to inform the boarding pass agents about your case.

  102. Hi… I’m confused.. m traveling from Kol to Bangkok. Do i obtain Visa on Arrival from Kol or Bangkok? If its from Bangkok, what are the process I need to fulfil in Kol?

    • I am assuming “Kol” is a city in your country (or a country you are currently in) and you are traveling to Bangkok. There is no need for visa when you exit a country (China and couple of socialist countries used to have an exit visa back in the 1980s but now it is no longer asked for). You only need a visa when you enter Thailand. You can get in advance from the nearest Thai embassy or you can get in on arrival at couple of international airports and entry points. For the visa on arrival at Thai airports, follow the instructions in the post above. At your exit point, once they see your boarding pass to Bangkok, they will know that you can get visa on arrival.

      • Hi jenny, you can go to thai consulate which is near to south point high school, ballyguange, in kolkata (Kol). You just need to fill up visa form, which you can get from thai embassy website and submit it to thai embassy. They accept application in morning,upto 12 o’ clock and next day morning you can collect you it.

        • Hi Sayanwhat is the fee of visa if done from Thai consulate(kolkata)?

          • I think for tourist visa its Rs 2000/- , You can check thai embassy website and download application form. In application form you can see visa fee as well.

  103. On the Thailand visa application form there is a line that states “countries for which travel document is valid”. what does one fill up there. or does one leave it blank. ?

    • The visa on arrival form has no such question. I think you are filling the regular visa form. In such a case your passport will mention what countries it is valid for. Regular passports issued by most countries are valid for all countries.

  104. Hi Preetam, Firstly great job answering Questions over the last six years !!!!. planning a trip to Bangkok, Phuket & Koh Samui with my Wife n Daughter late August early September… was planning on taking TC’s in USD but i guess US$ 1000 additionally in hard cash should cover the requirement of the VOA. the process seems fairly simple. tho i will try for Visa in advance.. if its too much of a hassle then VOA, tho i shudder to think of the que..:).

  105. It means 20, 000 THB for couple. which is around 40,000 rupees. But i heard we cannot travel with more than 5000 rupees.

    • I am not sure what amount in INR you can take out of India. Change your money to US dollars. Also, it will be harder to change Indian currency to local once you are outside the airport so you are better off with USD.

      • Is it a good idea if i take thai baht from india

        • Hi,Yes its ok..I exchanged it in india itself..reason being in centrum I got a value which I felt pretty good compared to my friend who exchanged at airport…

        • I found that You should bring USD from India and convert it to THB in Thailand. This option is giving me more money that bringing THB from India or INR to Thailand and then converting it.

          • Yes. This is what I recommend too. Also, outside bigger cities, Thai money changers do not accept INR.


            October 5, 2013 at 1:14 pm

            I agree with what you say about taking US Dollars from India. you end up getting more on the exchange while converting from USD to Baht in Thailand. one word of advise. Erring on the side of caution we preferred to take Traveler Cheques. Safer than cash. BUT….NOT ALL Banks convert TC to Cash. however even if one Bank outlet doesent take TC’s hey will tell you the nearest one that does..

    • Hi, You can take out or take in max USD 10,000 in cash from India. More than that need to be declared in Indian Custom.

  106. How much indian currency i have to carry per person?

  107. Thanks Daniel. I am also planning to go to VFS bangalore.

  108. Thanks Preetam. If I plan for VOA, what should I tell at immigration if they ask for visa? I am travelling from Chennai airport.

  109. Hi Preetam,I am planning to apply for Tourist visa in India only. But in online application, it is mandatory to fill the details of guarantor in Thai – either travel agent or guide. But I am going on my own with my family. What should I fill there? Is hotel address is ok or will they reject the visa?

    • Apologies Kamal, I have never applied for the visa online in India. Probably the folks at VFS may be able to give you a clearer answer. If you find the process too much hassle, just go for the visa on arrival. Other than having to wait a bit, the process is straight forward.

    • Daniel Ranjit

      July 9, 2013 at 3:03 pm

      Hello kamal,I had got visa through vfs global solutions bangalore. Leave that guarantor in thailand field blank. If you have known someone there fill it else you can doesn’t have much significance.


  110. Hi, I am travelling to Bangkok, Thailand on 22nd July and will return on 29th July (8 day trip) from Kolkata India via Air Asia at DMK Airport. This is my First international travel.This is my first trip abroad, and the purpose of my visit is vacation.I am a student.Please guide my through my Visa process – should i apply for a visa on arrival or should i apply at the embassy (someone told me that the problem with applying at the embassy is that they might ask for a NOC from college, which will be a tedious task for me to extract)?

    What else documents do i need apart from passport, return ticket, hotel bookings, and cash amount?

    Is there anything else i need to keep in mind during my visa process?

    Although i have all the documents mentioned in your blog, is there any chance of visa denial?Some of my friends told me that it is pure luck, they might deny your visa and might also abstain from telling you the reason – is it so?

    Please reply

    • All you need is the documents mentioned in the blog post above. If you prepare the exact documents and have the spending money as mentioned above, they will not deny your visa. Just be polite and humble, wear smart casual clothes and you will be fine.

  111. Hi, Can I download the visa on arrival form from the net and submit the same or do I have to submit the form given by VOA counter only?

  112. Sudarshan Kumar S S

    July 3, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    For Going to Pattaya from Bangkok the cheapest way is to go by AC Volvo Bus from Ekamai Bus station. its only 124 THB and takes 2.5 to 3 hours while going and while coming it takes only 1.5 hours max. visit – it starts from morning to 5 AM to night 11 PM.

    • Thanks for posting this. If folks are arriving at Suvarnabhumi, I would still recommend taking the Pattaya bus from the airport itself. Getting to the city will take some time even if you take the airport to city train and the price is almost the same.

  113. Sudarshan Kumar S S

    July 3, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    Last month i have been to Thailand. Landed at Don Muang Airport. For Visa on Arrival I paid 1000 THB. i didnt carried any photo. Gave them 100 THB and they took my photo and along with that they filled all the parts of the Visa Application. Immigration officer asked everyone to show 10,000 THB. ( its ok if we have around 8000 THB). whoever doent carry can withdraw/ Exchange currency there itself as ATM/Exchange counter is located very nearby. for Photo/Application they even accepted INR (Rs.200)

    • Great – so DMK airport also has the VOA counter, not just the Suvarnabhoomi Airport..

      • Any airport that has international flights, some seaports and some land borders have the VOA facility. You should try the Thai-Burma land border someday, lots more fun.

  114. Hi Preetam..Great Blog..Excellent info…2 Questions:-Is the VOA fees still 1,000 Bahts?- What is the best and cheapest way to travel from the BKK airport to Pattaya for 2 people. (Myself and wife)

    Thanks in advance!

  115. how does the visa on arrival procedure work if Phuket is the first point of entry?

    • Same paperwork, less crowd and no premium queue in Phuket.

      • thanks a lot:)any suggestions on the best time to visit? I am planning November – hopefully it won’t be rainy?

        • Yes, November is good. Rains are pretty much un-predictable here in South East Asia but don’t worry, November should be fine. Even if it rains, it won’t last for more than couple of hours.

          • sorry – one more question… what’s the best way to cover Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya.. over a period of 6 days? I know Pattaya is probably not too far from bangkok but what would be the best option when travelling from bangkok to phuket? Ideally i’d have to return to bangkok to take my return fight..

          • My suggestion (for a six day trip) would be just do Bangkok and Phuket or Bangkok and Pattaya. For family trip Phuket is certainly better destination compared to Pattaya. Having said that if you really wanna visit all three places the best option is do Bangkok to Pattaya by bus. Next, fly Pattaya to Phuket via Bangkok Air (about 100 USD per person) and finally Nok Air from Phuket back to Bangkok (about 70 USD and also note this flight will take you to Don Muang Airport. So keep a buffer of 5-6 hour if your return flight fromSuvarnaboomi airport is on the same day). Travel with cabin bags only would make taking these flights easier.

          • Thanks a tonne for your guidance!:)Would you know if you need confirmed (fully paid) hotel reservations for the VOA or do they accept partially paid bookings as well? reason being.. when booking hotels most of them suggest we pay only on the day of check in while some take partial payment and reserve the booking.

          • They don’t care about hotel booking proof. All you need to do is to write the name of the hotel you are staying at in the visa form.

  116. Swati Rautela

    June 26, 2013 at 7:44 am

    Hi! Preetam,I am going to Bangkok with my husband in July. I have the following queries:1) Both our passports do not have the same addresses, so carrying Marriage certificate will be helpful?2) What is the economical, convenient and easiest mode of travel in the city?

    Thanks for your time and awaiting your response.


    • Well Thailand does not care about marriage certificates etc. don’t worry about it. No ones going to ask for it. Nor at the immigration or at the hotels you stay at.For transport, the best is to use the sky train and the metro. You can buy tourist fare cards at the airport or at any station. It can get very crowded during peak hours but say after 11 AM and before 5 PM, they are pretty good.

  117. Hi Preetam,Thanks for the gr8 tips… I was wondering if you can help me with my situation. I want to visit thailand and cambodia for 3 weeks in august. By the way I will be flying from Australia as I am a permanent resident here. I was thinking of staying in thailand for two weeks or just under two weeks and staying for a week in Cambodia.

    My return tickets would be to and from bangkok. If I stay my first two weeks in thailand, leave to cambodia and return to bangkok to catch my flight to Australia would I still have to get another thai visa.. Will they give a visa on arrival If my return flight within the two weeks is to cambodia as opposed to Australia.

    Is visa on arrival even an option or do I just apply for a double entry visa here.



    • You can apply for visa on arrival. I have myself done this couple of times where I use Thailand as a hub to travel to neighbouring countries. Show both your return tickets when you are applying for the visa on arrival. Also show them your Australian residency document. You should be fine. If you have time before your trip, you could still try applying for the visa in Australia as wait times for the VOA sometimes can be daunting. Though I remember some of the Thai embassies only issue a single entry visa and are not so keen on double entry visa. The best is to call them and ask them. For the Cambodian visa, I apply online at

  118. sir, i applied for Norway visa in 2010 but it was denied, there is stamp on it which says that i applied for Norway, there is nothing about rejection or something, sir will it be appropriate for me to have visa on arrival or should i take visa from embassy, and sir my brother is staying in Bangkok on student visa, when i go there i will stay with him, what should i write for place to stay in Thailand. Please reply,thank you joy emmanuel

  119. Adeel Ahmed Khan

    June 5, 2013 at 9:10 am

    Dear Preetam, nice to see that you are serving your country mates since 2007. I would like to know whether Pakistani Passport holders could get VOA, i have an invitation letter of a company of which we hold an agency in Pakistan, As i do not have much time to apply for the visa from Thai Embassy as i am flying tomorrow to shanghai and planning to enter Thailand on 27th of June on my return from China. Hope you will reply soon.Thanks


    • Thanks Adeel for your kind words.I think at the moment, Thailand does not give visa on arrival for Pakistanis. I think your best bet would be to talk to the Thai consulate in Shanghai.

  120. Hello Preetam,We have recently relocated to China and I was looking up Thailand VOA information on Google which led me to your blog.Just wanted to say thank you! for the wonderful information treasure trove you have here! It does help other travelers very much indeed!

    Thanks for all the effort! May be we will cross paths sometime and exchange favorite travel stories!


  121. if i didnt have an hotel accommodation in Thailand.Is it possible to take the on arrival visa

    • You must fill the address in Thailand field on the form. If you leave it blank, they will ask you to fill it. So fill in the form with any hotel you intend to stay at. Alternatively, if you are staying at a friend/relative’s house, fill in their address.

  122. Daniel Ranjit

    May 27, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    Hello Preetam,are there any restrictions on buying items from thailand ? i read it in net that we are not supposed to buy buddha statute…what are the constraints on getting such items ?

  123. Hi,I want to apply for non-immigrant visa in thai consulate, kolkata. Can someone guide me with the process. like do they accept cash for visa application? I checked their website but its not clear whether I have to take a prior appointment or its just a walk in.

  124. Thnx Preetam, binu for the great guidance.Preetam, you doing a wonderful job.

  125. Dear preetam,I am travelling to bangkok on 11th July. My passport expires on 23rd February. is it okay?

  126. Dear all, i hd been to bangkok about 1 month back …here are some of my experiences and observations on VOA

    1)there is no way u can use a dowloaded form ,there..u hv to get the form from the counter just outside and stamped from the person in the counter…in the stamp there is dotted line where u hv to put your (applicant)signature..2)when i was there this counter was swarming with people and took lot of pushing and pulling to get the form as i guess 2 indian flights had landed ..3)documents needed a)original passport b)boarding pass c)e or other flight ticket showing return too d)1000 bath e)arrival departure card which u get in the flight…should be filled by you.Documents that will be returned to you from the document checking counter.. a)boarding pass b)tickets so after getting the form from the counter outside you need to go inside the VOA area..there is a seperate entrance for premium counter where you need to pay extra.. in the same area as normal VOA que on your left there is counte WRITTEN FOR GROUPS..this is not premium if you pay 1400BHT u can get documents checkd quickly..becos que is usually less here… the normal 1000bht is on rt..where u will find more people..anyway ..once you get the documents checked(everybody needs to go individually may b except may b kids)they will give u a token no and then with that u hv to go ahead and wait in the waiting area infront of the next counters where the visa will b stamped.. keep a close eye on ur toke no as the numbers change quickly unlike in the document checking counter..i saw the officer getting angry with someone who missed the number.. when your turn comes go immediatly to the counter there they will ask you to look into the camera infront…some people couldnt get this ,again the officer was getting angry.. anyway after all this they will stamp the visa and return the paasport to you with the departure card u had filled earlier attached to it…it is very important to keep this departure card as u will b asked for it on return journey at the immigraton… once you ge the passport ith visa proceed forward to get your luggage and exit..immediatly after the exit there are washrooms outside the airport..u might want to use them before getting on to your taxi…by the way they dont usually check ur money at all..but do carry the amount anyway.. if u know what to expect and dont get caught up with too many indians or chinese (which i did)..should be a stroll in the park.. hv a great time binu

    c)passport with visa stamp


    • Hi Binu,Do we need to carry the 10,000 Thai Baht for Visa On Arrival….is it compulsory?…. or can we show our 6 months bank statement along with our credit card statement….Please let me know

      • My adage is “always do exactly as the visa requirement says”. Show them the 10,000 THB or equivalent money in widely used currencies. If you get a strict visa officer, she may disregard the bank statement and ask you to show the money. You will be held up and so will be other people behind you.

        • Thanks Binu…

          • yes you are right…normally they dont ask to show the money at all ..i think it might depend on how crowded the place gets…if there are less people they might just feel relaxed enough to ask for money…so i guess better stick with the rules binu

  127. Neelesh Binay Sokey

    May 16, 2013 at 6:49 am

    Dear Preetam,If i am travelling alongwith my family (4 members), all of them have to get into the queue or I alone can carry passport and VISA application form of all the passengers and get the VISA.



  128. hi,is it necessary that we have toi show the address of the hotel we are staying? Can we book the hotel after landing in thailand or shud we book the hotel before our travel to thailand? wat are the options?

    • You must fill the hotel name on the form. Just fill the name of a hotel you are planning to go to. If you leave it blank, the visa officer will make you fill it and you will hold up the queue.

  129. and one more things do i need to book hotel in advance or can we do it after reachin thailand..any problem wid da visa..coz we hav not booked our hotel plan to do it in thailand

    • As long as you are reaching during the daytime, you can book the hotels or guesthouses.There is no shortage of hotels meeting any budget in Thailand.

  130. hi preetam.we will be flyin from kolkata to thailand along with my friend who is from nepal but studying in india.problem is that can he travel from inida with a nepleses passport, if yes how does he get his visa on arrival n if no what are the options for him. how can he fly from kolkata. please help me out urgently..

  131. These links should help you Sumit.

    Actual current boat schedule from one of the ferry companies

  132. Preetam, very informative blog. We are visiting Bangkok and Phuket in May. I have a question on commute between Phuket and Phi Phi island in May (off season). It is not clear from online material whether the regular ferry/speedboat service is available between Phuket and Ko Phi Phi.Rgds, Sumit

  133. I am an Indian residing in India.I will be going on 3 nights Penang – Phuket cruise (Sunday Dep) on Star Virgo starting from Singapore. Can I get the Thai Visa on Arrival? I don’t have time now in my country to apply for Thai visa.

    My travel Agent said to me “nothing to worry” I can get the Thai Visa on Arrival at the Singapore Cruise counter by providing Indian passports, 2 photos and Singapore dollars.

    PLEASE let me know is that TRUE? And if I can have Thai Visa on Arrival in Cruise then What are the steps?

    • From what I know, a cruise operator in Singapore can not give you the Thai visa. Please contact the nearest Thai embassy, they may have a better suggestion for you.

  134. Himanshu_from_Hyderabad

    April 16, 2013 at 10:43 am

    Hi Preetam,It’s amazing to see you so calmly responding to everyone’s comment since 2007.. whoa!! :) Thanks… Appreciate your efforts!!!I found very less info on INR to THB Currency Exchange Tips…..Exchange rates at various places… etc. I found 1 exchange in Hyderabad giving 1Baht for 2Rupees. Please suggest.I will be traveling with my wife in May 2nd week for 5days, boarding from Mumbai.

    • Thanks for your kind words himanshu. I would recommend getting US dollars instead of Thai Bahts. I suspect that as Thai currency is not so widely available in India the exchange rate would not be favorable. You can easily exchange US dollars to Thai Bahts anywhere in Thailand, even in a small city. Just walk into any bank and they will happily exchange it. Avoid changing at hotel or with guide or touts. I usually check the exchange value on google just to confirm. For example type the text on google search -> 500 USD to THB.

  135. Just for everyone informationI checked with Indian Thai embassy, they said you can get the VOA at either places there is no such restriction of first or last port.

    • Thanks for checking this Puneet. I will still urge people to check their tickets. There are two airports in Bangkok. If your domestic flight is from the Don Muang airport and your flight into Thailand lands at Suvarnabhumi, make sure you have enough time to clear immigration and then go to the other airport.

  136. Thanks Preetam for reply. I have booked Thai Airways flight to Phuket and have to change flight in Bangkok, both flights (India->Bangkok & Bangkok->Phuket) are of Thai airways flights only, so does that means i have to get VOA at phuket. I will check with Thai Airways also , what they say about this.

  137. Hi Preetham,This post and your replies have been great! Quite Informative! Thanks! * Do we need to produce any health certificates or anything while entering thailand through VOA? * Me and my brother are planning to visit thailand from June 8 – June 16 th this year, visting cambodia(siem reap – Angkor Wat) via road, have you been there? If so could you share some of your experiences ? and we plan to fly back to bangkok from phnom pehn,do we have to take VOA again?

    • Yes I been to Siem Reap. The last I was there was late 2012 and I might be back in May 2013. Though the last time I visited the Angkor temples was in year 2000. The land route from Thailand is well established and you shouldn’t have any problems. Just remember to have a printout of your return tickets, the Cambodian VOA people might just want to see it.You do not need any medical certificate for either the Thai or Cambodian VOA.

      Yes, you will have to get a new Thai VOA for the return leg. They will issue you the visa as long as your return ticket or onward journey tickets are from a Thai airport and you meet the other conditions of visa on arrival.

      The suggestions I have are 1. Travel light, just carry a piece of hand luggage. You can buy inexpensive clothing in Thailand. Thailand has great supermarkets where you can buy almost anything. 2. Just book your first day of hotel or hostel in Thailand or Cambodia. On the second day you can just browse around the hostels and find something cheaper. And again I only book the first day stay if I am arriving very late at night.

      Have a good trip.

  138. IS there anything like 80% face n 20% body visible needed on photo for visa to phuket??

  139. what is the size & proportion of the photo for visa to phuket kindly relpy

  140. Hi my name is Tejas and I am travelling to thailand from 10th april to 24th april, tht is 15 days so is it ok if i apply for VOA at thai immigration after is reach there, or they only permit me til 14 days stay.

    • The visa duration is 15 days. Your trip is 15 days so I think you are in the clear. But if you have a Thai embassy in your city, try to get the visa in advance. That way you can be sure.

  141. Daniel Ranjit

    April 1, 2013 at 7:46 am

    Hi preetam,My wife and myself are travelling to thai in the month of july 2013..looking at your very informative post am afraid the rush for VOA is uncertain…so can I apply visa from india itself as i have more time before travel or am I supposed to go for only VOA as my stay there is gonna be for 7 days? Kindly clarify. Thank you in advance.

    • The best is to apply in advance. Works best if you have a Thai embassy or diplomatic office in your city. Otherwise even applying in advance may take a week or more as your travel agent will have to courier the passports. It will cost more too.

      • Daniel Ranjit

        April 1, 2013 at 8:32 am

        Thank you preetam….Since there is no such restriction to go for VOA only I will get it in bangalore itself.

        • Another advantage of applying in advance is that you get 30 days visa. The visa on arrival is for 15 days. In your case as you are going for 7 days, it does not matter much but just in case you fall in love with Thailand and want to stay longer..

        • Hi Daniel, How long did it take for you to get the Thai visa from Bangalore? Am planning to submit visa docs by Fri, 3rd May. Our flight is on 18th May midnight. Will that be enough time to receive the visa?Also wanted to know:1. Do we pay visa fees through DD only or there is a cash option2. Is the presence of all members of the family needed in the visa office?

          Rgds, Sumit

          • Daniel Ranjit

            May 2, 2013 at 11:11 am

            Hi sumit,I would be travelling in july mid and hence I have not yet applied for it. As per my communication with VFS global solutions who is collecting applications,1. 15 days before should be very good.2. All passport holder has to be there.3. Visa charge can be paid in cash there. It comes around rs.2350 I guess.

            You can get more info on this helpline 044-43506353

          • Daniel Ranjit

            May 3, 2013 at 5:23 am

            Hi preetam,Good morning…Just wanted to get clarified on 2 things:

            1. I have booked hotel accomm in both phuket and bangkok and to n fro flight tckts bw bangkok and phuket…Left out are food,fun activities, shopping..would 30000 bhat enuf for all these for 7 days ?

            2. I have bukd manohra cozy village and hotel ibis in phuket n bangkok…have seen gud reviews from tripadvisor…but it wud b helpful if u can share ur exp….have you stayed here before ?

            Thanks a lot..

          • Daniel Ranjit

            June 7, 2013 at 11:43 am

            Hi sumit, I hope you might have njoyed your trip and back to bangalore…..could you please know the processes you did in visa application center in bangalore ? I’m planning to submit for thr same by next week…so your inputs would be helpful.for me…Thank you..

  142. Hi Preetam,I am a first time traveler to Thailand, Plan to travel next week to Phuket

    Kust like to enquire what is the VISA ON ARRIVAL fees these days as on net some sites say 1900THB and some say 1000THB


  143. sir at 1 pm rush for visa is low ?

    • You can never be sure of the rush. The best is to have all your documents in order. Then you can breeze through your immigration.

  144. Hi Preetam,I am planning to go Thailand in June for 5 days and getting visa on arrival.I have Canadian Dollar with me. Can you help me out whether this will be useful for me or shall I get USD.Can I show Canadian Dollar (Equivalent to 10,000 BAHT) to the immigration officer and Exchange it later in Bangkok.


  145. If i get a group of 200 do i still need to stand with the group at the express counter or is there any other service for groups?

    • Nyet, no other options. Except the express queue. I will recommend that you get the visas in advance at the nearest Thai Embassy. The folks behind you will not appreciate your group holding up the queue and if one or two members of your group do not have their papers in order then they will hold up the rest of your group too. Having said that, I have seen the Thai visa officers handle Chinese tour groups of about 30 to 40 people but never so large.

      • Thanks preetam, i was told that there is a company inside the airport:if you want the Service, there is a charge for it, and this is organized by a Company based inside the airport providing Experess services to clients.

        The cost for providing service for Visa on Arrival, including meeting at the exit of the aircraft, and leading group out to the meeting point where guide will be waiting:Per Person US$45.00

        Kindly note: this does not include the visa fee. Please advise if required, as I will need all the namesflight details, passport numbers, validity and expirty dates of passport in advance to hand over to the company, they will prepare all the documents, clients should have the visa fee, photo ready and all they do is sign the forms. Is this true and does it cost so much. vijay

        • I have not tried this service nor do I know of any one else who has tried this. I will try to find out the next time I am in BKK.

  146. Hi, I plan on going to Thailand in May for 6 days and getting a visa on arrival. From Thailand, I plan on traveling by road/train to Cambodia for 2 days and then coming back to Bangkok and flying to India from Bangkok.Would you happen to know if I can travel to Cambodia and come back on a VOA provided I fly back from Bangkok?

    • Yes you can. As long as you travel via the border posts that give you the VOA (see the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs link on the post above). I have done this couple of times without any hassle. Have your return tickets on you. They might want to see it both when you enter Cambodia (for the Cambodian VOA) and when you cross back into Thailand. There are no trains that cross into Cambodia. Road is the only option and sometimes you can get pretty inexpensive flights to Phnom Penh from Bangkok. Check

  147. Hi, Im an Indian national who will be cruising to Phuket from Singapore. Would I require visa and how do I go about to apply for one?

    • Yes, you will need the visa and you will have to get it in advance. Some cruise services may not allow you to board if you do not have the Thai visa. I will advice you to check with your cruise provider.

  148. Susmita Jayaprakash

    March 13, 2013 at 6:34 am

    Hi Preetam, the information posted is really helpful for first time travellers like us. We are travelling to Phuket next week from India and have a small doubt. As per the Thailand MFA site “The applicant must possess means of living expenses at the amount of 10,000 Baht per person and 20,000 Baht per family accordingly”. So, how do they check this. Do they want us to carry INR/ USD equalant to 20000 Baht in cash or a bank statement showing the same would be enough to prove? Please guide us.

    • It depends a lot on the individual visa officer if they will ask you to show the money or not. Again some visa officer may want to see actual cash on hand (this is what the MFA site mentions as one of the VOA requirements) while some other officer may be fine with a bank letter. My advice is always stick to their official requirements. Just carry the 20,000 as USD or some other currency.

  149. jasbir s negiSubmitted on 2013/03/12 at 2:34 pmhow many empty pages required on passport tyo get thailand visa

    Submitted on 2013/03/12 at 7:27 pm | In reply to jasbir s negi.One blank page is enough.

  150. If your kid has a separate passport I think you will have to fill a separate form. But please ask the visa officer on duty. They may suggest something that is easier.

  151. hi peetamthanks for ur reply

    my 2yr old son have his passport.on my passport his name is not there as it was made before his birth. but on his passport my and my wife’s name is there. so in this what you suggest to fill seperate form and pay the fees or fill his details in my or my wife’s visa form.any advice will be helpful


  152. jasbir singh negi

    March 9, 2013 at 8:53 am

    i had got four pages left in my passport and validity of six years, what is the requirement for thailnd embessy how many empty pages should be there if we do not have visa

  153. hi preetamim tarvelling from mumbai to bangkok with my wife and 2.5yr kid. do i need to fill visa form seperately for child ori can mention in my visa form. and will i have to pay visa fess for 2.5yr kid.


    • There is space for accompanying minors in the visa form. Though they do not mention what ages qualify as minors. You may have to ask the visa officer on duty.I am also not sure if you have to pay the fee separately for the young child.Update: If your kids’ name is in your passport and if he or she does not have a separate passport then you can fill in same form.

  154. Yo Preetam, Its me Akash again (from China, Dalian). Just wanted to end by saying that you’re doing a great job and this website is really a great help for all of us! Thank you! . Are you gonna be in Thailand? I’ll be there from March 17th to 23rd in Bkk on a conference. Later gf will join me. Anyway if you’re in town let me know, would be nice to catch up over dinner, my treat ofcourse!Let me know how to get in touchAkash

    • Thanks Akash, I appreciate your kind message. I will be in Thailand later in April so I guess I will miss you but I will be traveling across China towards the end of the year. I will look you up.

  155. Prakash Pillai

    March 5, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    I will be travelling to thailand from 11th march to 31st march, I dont have a tourist visa and will take the Visa on arrival, Will I be able to stay there for 2O days on visa on arrival??

    • As mentioned in the post above the Visa on Arrival is given for 15 days only. If you want to stay longer I suggest you apply for a visa at your nearest Thai embassy.

  156. I came to Taiwan from India. Now I want to go to Bangkok and stay for 3 days. How can I be sure that I will get a Visa on Arrival on Thailand? and if I do not get what will I do? Can anyone Please help.

    • As long as you have the onward ticket to another destination outside Thailand and satisfy the conditions mentioned in the post above, you will qualify for the stay.

  157. hello preetam, just found one link from where you can download VOA FORM… this helps…not sure if its ok to download and go with the filled form?do they insist on using the form from them? binu

  158. i have not book my hotel is it ok … for visa on arrival … how can i fill address colmn

  159. hi, i wanted to know the documents that are required if you are planning for visa on arrival and staying at a friend’s place in thailand .thanks

    • The same set of documents as mentioned in the post above. In the form they ask for the address in Thailand, write your friend’s address.

  160. hi preetam, i m back with one more question…if i am taking an all inclusive package tour including all meals, still i will hv to show the 20000THB for VOA?

    • Well, it all depends on the visa officer you get. Some are very strict and some are not. About 80% of time, I have not been asked to show the money. But there was this one time, when the officer converted all the currencies I had to make sure that I had the money. I think you should carry some cash on you just in case you meet a more strict officer.

  161. Hi….. one question…… Can I take partial amount in Baht and partial amount in INR ?

  162. hello preetam, great job mate…appreciate ur effort…i hv a doubt…i will be visiting bangkok on the last week of march…we are 6adults and two kids…(my parents , brother,sister in law,their kid,my wife and my kid)..for VOA we will be treated as one family so that carrying 20000bht will b enough? i am from cochin,india..

  163. I’m planning to attend a 3 days training on VOA will it be problem ?

    • Technically, the Visa on Arrival is for tourism only. But I would recommend calling up the nearest Thai Embassy and asking them.

  164. hii have plan to go bangkok . on 8th march . i m going for 5 days .i want to know about hotel booking is necessary or not , i dont want to book hotel in advance , one of my friend live in bangkok . can i give his home address .instead of hotel booking in Arrival on visa form.

    Please reply .thanks

  165. Thanks preetam for clarification.

  166. (this site says It will also be necessary to prove that you have funds of at least 20,000 THB per person during your stay in Thailand. A fee of 1,900 THB is payable upon entry and is subject to change without notice)AND (This site says The applicant must possess means of living expenses at the amount of 10,000 Baht per personCan you please carify what is the exact proof of funds needs to show in VOA process

    Apologies for multiple questions, but we believe you can give exact requirements

  167. Hi preetam,Thanks for the prompt response. So 20,000 TBH needs to show for each person?

    Your earlier posting says only 10000TBH. can you please confirm

  168. Hi Preetam,Thanks for your wonderful posting…….

    We (set of 5 people from india) planning to travel Thailand on next week (feb 25th), we will reach Don Muang airport at 3 AM in the morning and would like to know whether VOA is operating for 24/7?

    We planned for 7 days trip. Also few sites said that we need show proof of funds 20000TBH per person. Is it true? (here is the site for your reference:

    Can you please let us know the current requirements of VOA..

    Your reply would be more helpful for us

  169. Hello preetam. Gr8 job. I am surprised that u r on this blog since 2007 answering queries.We r 6 people travelling to thailand from 3 to 17 mar.we r thinking of getting visa frm embassy. So tht we can avoid que. Now for visa:

    1.Do I have to book hotels for all 15 days? I was Planning to book them on location. Coz deciding hotel frm images online is difficult. They post good pictures but reality is not the same all the time. There is no agent we have to carry cash compulsorily? Cant my bank statement will do? Because then I have to carry money with me even if i go for a swim…we dont intend to stay in 3 or 4 star hotels. Decent rooms are fine. But I doubt on safety of cash left in room in a locker. Please advice.

    Thnx n regardsAr. Amit Dhanawat

    • Hello preetam. Gr8 job. I am surprised that u r on this blog since 2007 answering queries.Thanks. Seems this post shows up prominently on google and people post questions. So I answer.

      We r 6 people travelling to thailand from 3 to 17 mar.we r thinking of getting visa frm embassy.So tht we can avoid que. Now for visa:

      1.Do I have to book hotels for all 15 days? I was Planning to book them on location. Coz deciding hotel frm images online is difficult. They post good pictures but reality is not the same all the time. There is no agent involved.

      No, you don’t need to book the hotel in advance. You just need to write the name of a hotel in the form. I often write the name of a hotel I intend to stay at. I may later change my mind when I reach the city and stay at another hotel. If you don’t really care about fancy hotels, just head to Khao Sarn Road area. There are lots of places here that match any budget. Just walk around, ask the hotel staff to show you the rooms and pick the one you like. One of the airport bus will drop you here and there are regular busses back to the airport from here. we have to carry cash compulsorily? Cant my bank statement will do? Because then I have to carry money with me even if i go for a swim…we dont intend to stay in 3 or 4 star hotels. Decent rooms are fine. But I doubt on safety of cash left in room in a locker. Please advice.

      The visa on arrival rules say that you need to show cash. Whether they will actually ask you to show the cash depends on the visa officer on duty. Sometimes they ask, sometimes they do not. In recent times I have heard of some people showing bank statements. I myself have never tried this so I myself can’t confirm this. Maybe a good idea would be to carry some cash with some members of your party. And the rest carry the bank statements. If they do ask the rest to show cash, you can withdraw from the ATMs nearby.

  170. Dear Sir,I am boarding Star Virgo with my family for 3 nights…it will halt in phuket for a day…some body told me visa on arrival is not given through cruise…is it true…i am worried cos my passport is still with singapore embassy for visa and travel is just 5 days away n its impossible to get thai visa now before departure…pls reply asap

    • I do not have cruise experience, From what I see on Thai immigrationsites and the information on certain cruise websites, you are correct.Thailand does not give a visa on arrival for cruise passengers. Iwould recommend contacting Star Virgo and figure out what suggestionsthey have for you..

  171. Hi Preetam,Thanks for the good job you’re doing here, its a big help, atleast for me!I’m Indian, but my residence is in China. I’m flying to Bangkok on 17th March and my return flight is on 31st March back to my city dalian (china). So that makes it exactly 15 days of stay. I noticed you said they only give VOA for 14 days, so can I apply for a visa-on-arrival or do I need to get a visa from the embassy here in Beijing?Thanks.

    • Nice! Dalian is a lovely city. Yes, you are better off getting the visa from the embassy. That way you can get a 30 day visa. You can probably get it from a travel agent or the Thai consulate at Shanghai. Getting a visa in advance will also let you beat the queue.

  172. I am travelling with my wife and 3-year old child to Bangkok. The passports of my wife and I have an address different from our child’s, since they were made when we used to stay at a different city. My travel agent says that for a normal pre-visit visa from the local consulate, we would need bank statements (duly certified and stamped by the bank) showing the current address. Is there such a requirement for VOA too?

    • No. For visa on arrival you need to show that you have enough cash for your stay. Just carry some USD on you which is equivalent to 20,000 Thai Baht per family requirement as listed on the post above and their official web site.

  173. dear preetham,Thanks for all the info


  174. lots of thnx for ur valuable informations, I wanted to know that what if I show my updated bank statements of any bank of india instead of cash ? will this statement is enough to prove my ability to stay there ?

    • I have heard of some people in recent times showing the bank statement but I have not tried it myself. My suggestion would be to still have some USD or some other cash with you.

  175. Thank for informative blog… Do we required to take travel insurance also to get VOA.

  176. Hi All,I just wanted to share my recent experience about Visa on Arrival in Bangkok on 28th December. This blog was greatly helpful in order for me to prepare for visa. I arrived in morning at around 7am and it took me a while to figure out the process. I was transferring from International to Domestic and I had to claim and re checkin my baggage. I was not sure if visa was to be done before or after I claim my baggage (It was to be done before).

    Then I came near the visa on arrival section and the queues were packed. I made a decision right away that I am going in express queue. I had 2hr 30 min transit time. Queue was full of Indians and as usual everyone was pushing each other in express queue (This was making it slower than the regular queue). Anyways, I got in line without a form (my bad) so I went back and was looking for form. But they were out of the forms and someone was getting it so I had to wait. I should have downloaded and completed the form beforehand. Do that and it will save you good amount of time. So I got back into the crazy queue and reached to the visa officer. No supporting documents (my bank statements, hotel info etc) was asked. I paid and was waiting for visa. It took for ever for my passport to be returned. People who were behind me got their passports and I was waiting and waiting. I got my visa 5 minutes before my boarding was supposed to start. After visa I found out that I have to go through immigration then to baggage claim and then rechecking to domestic.

    I then bumped upon a lady who right away understood my situation and escorted me and my wife thought all queues and got us out in 5 minutes. Same with airline checkin. That was very helpful else I would have missed my flight.

    In short, all depends on your transit time and the rush at that particular time. I would suggest try to get min 3 hours of transit time and fill out forms in advance.

    • Anup thanks for writing your detailed experience. I suspect the new year holiday crowd contributed to slowing the immigration process. Hope you had a good holiday otherwise.

  177. Hi.. I am planning to visit Thailand (Phuket) on 3rd March 2013. my passport validity is ending on 06th Aug 2013. will it be ok to get the visa on it??

    • That’s 5 months, you need at least 6 months validity. Usually without 6 months gap even the immigration at your home country will not let you travel out.

  178. Very detailed and informative article!

  179. Soumyojyoti Debroy

    January 3, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    Hi..I am going to Thailand this January. My flight is landing in Don Mueang airport in Thailand and not Suvarnabhumi. I suppose there is no problem on VISA ON ARRIVAL there. I am an Indian Citizen

  180. Here is the information on ECR. I would recommend that you check with the nearest POE office (listed on the above link) if your friend needs the immigration clearance for going to Thailand.

  181. Sir,We are going to Thailand 10th of this Month But My Friend Name Kirshan Kumar holding Indian Passports There is a stamp called ECR Pls. Tell about this.

  182. what will be written in the visa form at the place of name and address of persons on reference in thailandplease tell me sir.

  183. Elena, you will have to apply for the visa in advance. Contact the Thai embassy in Athens.

  184. I am from Macedonia can I get viza on airport I plan to stay for 2 weeks vacation

  185. Hi Preetam, I’m flying from UK to Bangkok on Dec 25th, and on the same day transit to Vietnam. Waiting time is 4hrs. Separate trips booked.My question is:1) Do I need a VOA when I’m transiting to Vietnamese airline?If the answer is yes, then it leads to my 2nd question:I’m coming back to bangkok on Jan 10, and will be staying there for a few days and flying back to UK on Jan 15th. The first VOA won’t be sufficient for this 2nd visit. I’m wondering if I’ll be able to apply for VOA again??

    Many thanks. Waiting for your reply!

    • The baggage collection area is after the immigration so you will need to clear the immigration to pick your bags and then check in again for your Vietnamese flight. if all you have is carry on baggage you might want to request the transit desk at Bangkok to check in for your Vietnamese flight. I have done something like this once where I was using Saigon as a transit for my flight to Laos and did not have time to get the Vietnamese visa.

      In any case talk to the Vietnamese airlines person at the transit desk. They will be able to give you the best advise.

      If the transit desk insists on you getting the visa on arrival an checking in again, get the visa on arrival. You can get another visa on arrival for your return trip. There is no problem with getting the visa on arrival for your multiple trips as long as you can show your return tickets to the UK. Have a good trip.

  186. Yes, I confirmed from Thai embassy also. It’s the same size that we use in India. And fee is 1000 TBH. Thanks!

  187. Hi PreetamA small check about the pic specs (for Visa on arrival) : is it 3.5X4.5 or 4X6. Seems the info is different at different places. Also is the current fee 1900 THB or 1000 THB?

    Someone told me that carrying bank statement with sufficient cash is sufficient? Pls advice of this is fine or are we supposed to carry cash?

    Thanks much.Mohit

    • They are not particular about the size of photo. I would suggest getting a photo similar to the one that you use on Indian passports.I was in Bangkok in August 2012 last and the fees was 1000 THB. I think it is still 1000 THB as their official sites still show that price. And I would have surely heard the from the folks here who traveled recently.

      • I and my wife will be going on Jan 11.Few questions :

        1. I have about total 15,000 THB from my last trip to bangkok, so Im thinking to use it this time. Is it okay to show 15k THB for both the passengers ? But both of our passports are with different names and we dont have the marriage certificate yet, so they should consider us like 2 different passengers. So, we both can tell, we have 7.5k THB and our stay is 4 days. Okay ?

        2. Photo is 3.5 x 4.5 , right ? How many photo each passenger ? Apart from photo, what more documents ?

        3. How about getting the VISA done from here itself ? My travel agent is charging me 2600 bucks for one thailand VISA. Okay ?

        • Thai immigration does not ask for marriage certificate. If they ask you say that you two are traveling together. Depending on the immigration officer manning the counter, they may or may not ask you to show the money. My suggestion is to top your 15000 THB with 200 USD. That way even if they ask you will be fine.Refer to the earlier comment about photo size. In short, they are not particular about it. As long as your photo size is similar or closer to the Indian passport photo size, you are good.

          If you have time, get your visa done in advance. You are probably paying 1000 INR more per visa but sometimes you end up waiting an hour or more. Having visa in advance will speed up your entry.

  188. Hi Preetem, I am Isha from India… I have trip planed in jan mid. we both are holding Indian passports. Do we need ECNR stamp for thailland.

    • Thailand does not care about ECNR stamp. Since 2007 there is no ECNR stamp. There is a stamp called ECR. This is stamped on only those passports where the Indian government feels that the passport holder may have some problem traveling to another country. So if your passport is issued after 2007 and does not have any ECR stamp them you do not need to worry. You can travel freely.

  189. hi preetham,we r group of 3people leaving to bangkok on dec13th,i had two doughts regarding voa. (1) we have already converted the money to us dollars.some of my friends and some websites said that we need to get a endorsement(forex) stamp on back of our passport for proof of money exchange,is it neccesary bcoz we dont have any bank statements r credit cards?but we have more than enough money as mentioned in the form.(2)as of our stay in thailand is 9days and we booked only 3days is it enough for to produce r we have to show the total 9days booking,i had a printout copy of hotel conformation via website for 1st 3days of my stay.plz reply to me………… waiting for ur valuable suggestion!!!

    • 1. There is no need of endorsement. Thailand does not care where or how you exchanged the money.2. They will not ask to see your hotel booking. Just mention the name of the hotel you have booked in the VOA form under the address in Thailand field.

  190. Hi Preetam,do we have ATMs before the visa on arrival area. I am thinking of using my ATM card there to draw baht. or shld i just take the forex from mumbai

    • As I posted on that site, there are ATMs. But there are often times when international credit card networks go down for couple of hours. So my advice is do not take that risk. Better keep some money on you.

  191. Hi Preetham,I have taken a 6 days Thailand holiday package and will be travelling there next week along with my wife.

    The folks from Travelling agency told me that i better take the Visa in Thailand itself as it will be much cheaper.

    So here is what i would like to have some knowledge from you.a) Do we still have to show proof of ability in Thailand (20,000 bhats per family)? b) I’m thinking to buy some foreign currency prior going to Thailand, should i go for USD or Thai bhat? Also, much should be sufficient in Thailand for 6 days?c) Is using credit card safer in Thailand? I’m bit concerned of frauds..

    This is my first foreign trip and would appreciate your helpPrithvi

    • a) Do we still have to show proof of ability in Thailand (20,000 bhats per family)?Yes. Some times they ask sometimes they do not. Depends on the mood of the visa officer. But better have that money in THB or USD with you. b) I’m thinking to buy some foreign currency prior going to Thailand, should i go for USD or Thai bhat? Also, much should be sufficient in Thailand for 6 days?I am not sure if you can get good rates for THB in India. I would guess USD is better choice. Your budget depends on your lifestyle and the city you are in. If I eat street food which is actually quiet good and safe, I can live on less than 30 USD per day. If you eat at restaurants and splurge a little on massages, gifts etc, perhaps 50 to 60 USD. If you head out to smaller cities then you’ll spend less. I would say budget for about 800 USD for the two of you. Avoid buying expensive gifts and avoid tuk tuk (rickshaw) drivers who want to show you a good discount place, such places are all scam. Before you take a taxi or tuk tuk ask your hotel how much it will cost to go to your destination.

      c) Is using credit card safer in Thailand? I’m bit concerned of frauds..Use it in places here you can see she transaction being done, I.e. the card being swiped in front of you. Avoid situations where someone is taking your card away for a while to swipe at some office or the next shop. If you use your card, and if you have online banking enabled, do check the balance online for next couple of days. Also do not book something using your card from a public computer or cyber cafe. Many cyber cafe may have some spyware that may save your password, credit card number etc.

      This is my first foreign trip and would appreciate your helpHave a good trip. You’ll be fine.

  192. Nice info mate. thanks for sharing. :)

  193. hi Preetam must say a really useful blog…..i am planning to go to Thailand for my honeymoon and i seem to be confused about the visa exemption rule……….i am from India so do i need to take VOA…..i have heard that all i need to do is spend 200-300 bath for my visa if i want it quickly or else stand in the line for 2-3 hrs…..

    • Yes, Travelers with Indian passport need to get a visa for Thailand, either from the embassy near you or the Visa on Arrival. As mentioned in the post above, during busy periods , the express queue will have as many people as the regular queue so it won’t help much. Observe both the lines and then decide if it is worth spending the couple of hundred bhats for the express queue.

  194. HI Preetam,Couple of things I would like to check: 1. I am travelling to bangkok on 11th Dec. My Indigo flight lands at 12.35pm at bangkok. I have a connecting Air Asia flight to Phuket at 4.55pm. Its almost 2-3 weeks now. Somebody told me, that I can go for VOA at bangkok airport in couple of hours. Since, I need to get in the immigration line, then is it better to get the visa on arrival or I should contact visa centre in Mumbai?

    2. How long it takes to travel between International & domestic airport? I need to plan accordingly?

    Thanks in advance.

    • You are better off getting the visa in advance as VOA counter wait times are hard to predict. For travel time between the airports, it may take 1 to 2 hours depending on the traffic.

      • Thanks Preetam for swift response. So, if I take my visa before hand then I don’t need get into the immigration line… correct?Also, which is the best transport to travel from intl airport to domestic airport? how much taxi cost?Thanks for response.

  195. hi preetam… you have got an excellent information on VOA.. really hats off to the picture depiction of the process and areas. how thoughtful.. a lot of help for people like me..keep up the work!

  196. Hi Preetam, I’ve already stayed in Thailand this year for 19 days in June & again i’m planning to go there for another 10 days. I’ll get my VISA before hand but just wanna know incase there are any rules as in – how frequently you can visit & for how long can you stay there? Regards Andy

  197. Hi Preetam,This is a great knowledge mine for Thailand Visa procedures. Thanks.My questions:1. While going through VOA, can i show them Indian Rupee worth 20000 Bhats? Or is a savings bank account statement accepted?2. If you can help on this, what is the customs limit to get new electronics and other stuff like clothes etc from Thailand

    Thank a lot

    • @kushal, these days I have not seen them ask people to show the money, but don’t take chances. Carry the money, the currency does not matter. They will not acknowledge a savings bank statement as this money is supposed to be supporting you while you are in Thailand.As for the customs limit to India, I am not sure about it. I hardly travel between countries with more that a small bag.

  198. @Samir, as far as I know, there is not transit visa facility in BKK. You will have to take the visa on arrival and the costs and the procedure are listed above. For a stopover of 24 hours, you are better off staying outside as staying in the airport is going to be very boring.

  199. Dear Pritam,I will be going back to India from Manila (Philippines)via Bangkok by Thai Airlines . Since there is no direct flight for India I have to stay min 24hrs at Bangkok airport for next available flight. Shall I get a transit visa to stay outside hotel at City instead of staying inside Airport and what could be charges for transit visa or free. Thanks for your reply in advance.With best regards,Samir Kar

  200. Preetam sir, thanks for posting this. It will surely kill my almost all the worries. It seems that to be very useful to me in my trip to Bangkok in December 2012.Sir, I have a couple of questions to pose for you?

    (1) I am staying in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I am an Indian citizen planning to opt for Visa on Arrival at Bangkok. Will Visa on Arrival be preferable over the domestic help from the nearest Thai embassy as I have time of almost 3 months. and Why? And does Ahmedabad have a Visa application center for Thailand?

    (2) Can the Visa on Arrival ever be refused even if all the vital parameters mentioned like Confirmed Return air ticket, Passport 6+ validity, sufficient funds etc.?

    (3) If the stay for me is for 10 days, can the Visa officer ask for more funds, i.e. more than set limit of 10,000 Baht?

    (4) If I go for a Visa on Arrival then is it mandatory for me to book my hotels in advance? Because, I have to mention the Thai Address in the form as you mentioned? Can’t I book my room after visiting the hotel? And If i do so, I will probably not have any address of Thai? What should I do in that case? Is it mandatory to write the Thai address? Do they cross-check with the hotels about my stay with them?

    Please advise.

    • (1) I am staying in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I am an Indian citizen planning to opt for Visa on Arrival at Bangkok. Will Visa on Arrival be preferable over the domestic help from the nearest Thai embassy as I have time of almost 3 months. and Why? And does Ahmedabad have a Visa application center for Thailand?Getting a visa in advance will save you time. I am not sure if Thailand has consular office in your city but any competent travel agency should be able to help you get the visa.

      (2) Can the Visa on Arrival ever be refused even if all the vital parameters mentioned like Confirmed Return air ticket, Passport 6+ validity, sufficient funds etc.?

      If you have everything in order, they will not refuse the visa.

      (3) If the stay for me is for 10 days, can the Visa officer ask for more funds, i.e. more than set limit of 10,000 Baht?

      No. That amount is sufficient.

      (4) If I go for a Visa on Arrival then is it mandatory for me to book my hotels in advance? Because, I have to mention the Thai Address in the form as you mentioned? Cant I book my room after visiting the hotel? And If i do so, I will probably not have any address of Thai? What should I do in that case? Is it mandatory to write the Thai address? Do they cross-check with the hotels about my stay with them?

      You can write the name of a hotel you plan to stay at. Do not worry if you end up staying somewhere else, most hotels will scan your passport information when you check in.

      If this is the first time you are heading to Bangkok, I would recommend booking a hotel in advance (via or agoda or similar sites) at least for your first night. The khao sarn road area has several budget guest houses.

  201. Hi Preetam,I am travelling to Krabi but first reaching Bangkok.We are a couple with our 5 yo kid.We will reach bkk at 3 am in Morning and next flight is at 6.30 to Krabi.I will be landing at Don muyong Airport and next flight is also from the same Airport.So I have couple of questions:1.What kind of photos we should carry? we have indian passport size photos..will it be sufficient?2.We are carrying more then a lakh of Bhatt …we should show everything? far is domestic don muang from International?

    • Yes, Indian passport size picture is good. You show the money only if they ask for it. From my recent trips, I have rarely seen them ask for this. The Suvarnaboomi airport is quiet a distance. Depending on the time of the day and traffic conditions, you might spend an hour or more to get to it from Don Maung.

  202. Thank you so much!!!! This is very helpful! :)

  203. what should be the visa on arrival photo size.??.4×6 cm or 3.5×4.5 cm?????????????

  204. hi im goin to bangkok for the 1st time n preferin visa on arrival…. should i dowload the visa form online n fill in from india iyself and il reach bangkok at 5 in the morning so wil it tak much tim for visa

  205. Dear Preetam Rai,How are you ? i am first going to bangkok from shanghai and from there i have a flight to Chaingmai. As seen from this blog, i understand that have to take my VOA at bangkok airport. I have not booked my return ticket from bangkok to shanghai as the price online is still high, my return will be on 18th sept and so i want to wait for few more days and buy. With my onward ticket from bangkok to chiangmai, will i be able to get my VOA or is it a must i need to buy my bangkok-shanghai return before i land in bangkok ?Your reply will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks & regardsAshvin

    • Hi Preetami am waiting for your helpful reply for the above msg. As i am currently living in china, i am not able to access your blog..

      thanks a lot!Ashvin

    • Apologies. Missed your message. I was traveling too and did not have access to the web. Just in case you are still in China, yes you need the return ticket.

  206. hi sir i m traveling to bankok . i just want to know is it must to carry a bill of currency

  207. 1. Is the Visa on Arrival still available at the Suvarnabhumi International airport, Bangkok ?Yes.2. I will be landing in Bangkok at 3 a.m and need to catch a plane at 8 a.m to Phuket. Is this time of ~4 hours enough to get the Visa? And will the visa counters be open at 3.a.m ? Please share the Visa Office operational timings.It is 24 hours. Ask the Visa on Arrival counter if it is very busy. Show them your onward ticket. They might suggest you alternativs if it is really that busy. From my past experience, it should be fine at 3 AM. Just make sure you fill the forms etc. completely.

    3. How much is the Visa Money & minimum amount earch tourist need to carry. (Asking this because I got different answeres on different websites. So kinda not sure what the correct answer is).See the post. My post has the latest information. I was in Thailand few week back.4. Documents needed for the Visa On Arrival.See the post.

  208. Hello…..I am planning to visit thailand this month. It would be really helpfull if you can answer few of my queries1. Is the Visa on Arrival still available at the Suvarnabhumi International airport, Bangkok ?2. I will be landing in Bangkok at 3 a.m and need to catch a plane at 8 a.m to Phuket. Is this time of ~4 hours enough to get the Visa? And will the visa counters be open at 3.a.m ? Please share the Visa Office operational timings.3. How much is the Visa Money & minimum amount earch tourist need to carry. (Asking this because I got different answeres on different websites. So kinda not sure what the correct answer is).4. Documents needed for the Visa On Arrival.

    Thanks in Advance,Rajiv

  209. Hi .. Sir I will be in Bangkok on 4th of June, from Bangkok on 6th of June I will leave for Kuala Lumpur .. From Kuala Lumpur again I will come to Phuket on 15th June .. My question is .. I will have to apply for Visa On Arrival 2 times? Or first Visa will be sufficient for both the times?

  210. I am flying to Chiangmai by Thai Airway (thru out the trip) and making a transit at Suvarnabhumi Airport. I would like to know which airport should I apply my on-arrival visa? Suvarnabhumi Airport or Chiangmai International Airport?

    • You don’t need to worry. You can check with the flight attendants where your immigration is going to be. Usually if there is not too much gap between the two flights then the immigration is at the end point, in this case Chiang Mai.

  211. Hi,I am travelling to phuket in the month of april from Bangalore. I have just one hour transit time to board the next flight from Bangakok to Phuket. My question is can I get the VOA at phuket? will the immigration officer at Bangkok allow me?

    Do let me know.

    • @Mahantesh, it depends on your ticket. If your tickets are bought seperately i.e. you bought your BKK to Phuket ticket on some budget airline then you will have to do the immigation procedure in BKK. Anyway check at the airport with airport personell, they can help speed thing up for you if you have to do your immigration in BKK.

  212. @Rajesh Prabhu – the 10,000 Bahts can be any currency and they are not so particular about the exact amount. As long as you have some money in any major currency (UKP is fine) that is close to this, it is allright.

  213. Do they accept forms which are being printed from internet?

  214. Do they really care about the age of photographs. I have some photos that were take about 8-9 mths ago and I do not look much different from the photos today (am 31, so that isnt a surprise). Can I use them? I dont want to click new photos just for the trip.

  215. Hi Preetam,Your blog is really helpful…. Thank u for ur such a wonderful idea. I and my husband will be travelling to Thailand in Feb 2012 and will be staying their for a week long…. We wanna know if visa on arrival method is safe and there will no risk involved and also how much will the visa charges cost now?


  216. Hi,It is an immensely helpful post. I have yet another question though. Can I exchange my money for THB before heading to visa on arrival counters? Or do I need to exchange the money in India itself?

    • At Bangkok SuvarnaBhoomi airport there is a money exchange before the immigration. However, as far as I remember, they are not open at night. So if your flight is arriving late you may not be able to exchange. But you can pay the visa fee in the USD equivalent.

  217. what will be written in the vissa form at the place of “name and address of person’s on reference in thailand”please tell me sir.

    my e-mail is

  218. Hi preethamAll the information are very useful!thax a lot…

    We four friends are planned to travel to thailand during this month 13th to 16thand planned 2 days in pattaya and 2 days in bangkok. As from lots of reply you ve said to carry 10000bhat to been shown..the querry is shall i show it USD? and can INR can be exchanged in bangkok? or i ve to exchange INR to USD in india itself? . Wat about the passport size photo in VOA form it was mentioned as 4X6?

    Also please suggest some hotels in Pattya and BAngkok, since we ve yet to book hotels…

    Expecting your reply @ the earliest

  219. I guess the fee is back again..Some one please confirm?Is they started charging fee of 1000 B or 2800 B

    (which they were trying to put in effect since a long time)—THAILAND’S Ministry of Tourism and Sports (MOTS) will be submitting aproposal to the government today to increase the visa-on-arrival fee atSuvarnbhumi Airport from 1,000 baht (US$28.80) to 2,800 baht.

    Recent visitors – please update !!

  220. @vishal1) The visa on arrival is given for 2 weeks and it does not matter what airport you exit. So it will be sufficient for your stay. 2) You can write any hotel in the form, they are not very strict about this i.e. they will not ask to see a reservation. Wikitravel’s Bangkok page has good hotel recommendations.

  221. Hi Preetam,Wanted to ask you a few questions: 1) I am travelling to bangkok(suvarnabhumi international airport) on 4th june from India. Thereafter will stay in pattaya, bangkok for 4 days and then will take a flight from bangkok to phuket. Will stay at phuket for 3 days and then will fly to singapore from phuket only. Is VOA at bangkok airport sufficient for my whole itinerary in bangkok?2) As asked in VOA form about place to stay, do i need to prebook a hotel? I was planning to book hotel only after ariving so that i stay in a hotel which is best located for my needs.

  222. Vir Partap Singh

    April 27, 2011 at 3:46 am

    Hi Preetam, yes I did book the tickets on my online one flight from Delhi to BKK an the other from BKK to Surat Thani. Guess that means I’ll have to get VOA at BKK

  223. @VirPratapSingh depends on your ticket. If it is all the way till Surat Thani with BKK as transit then you can get the visa on arrival at Surat Thani. Ask your travel agent what type of ticket you have. For example if you are flying Thai airways to BKK. And then say if your flight to Surat is on Air Asia that you have booked yourself then you will have to get the visa on arrival at BKK. Anyway if you are confused you can ask the flight attendants.

  224. Vir Partap Singh

    April 26, 2011 at 3:13 am

    Hi,I am traveling to Samui via Bangkok where I will be changing flight. Instead of Bangkok, can I apply for Visa on Arrival at Surat Thani airport?

  225. Hi Preetam, Thanks a ton for the info.I was wondering whether getting a SIM card is as easy as it is in India. I especially plan to use it for data purposes and some texting.

  226. @satabdi, Visa on arrival is free at least till March 2011. You can write any Bangkok guesthouse address.

  227. hi i am an indian passport holder.will be travelling from singapore to kolkata via bangkok.I need 2 stay in bangkok airport for one night because my connecting flight will be on next day morning and would like to opt for visa on arrival as it is free for Indian national.So what should i write in the address in Thailand colomn.

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  229. @gowri @Sathappan There is no limit on the number of times you can get the VOA. The visa fees is usually 1000 Baht but at the moment (till March 2010) the fee is not being charged to encourage tourism.@gowri check this page for vegetarian places in Bangkok you are staying near the sukumwit area, there are several Indian restaurants.

  230. hahah o . k . so this is how asinine I am, midway through reading through your post I dropped my sensitive mouse and shut down the site by mistake and I could not find your page once again until 4 days afterwards to finish reading where I left off because I didn’t remember how I linked to your site in the first place haha at any rate it was worth the hold out..kudos :)

  231. Hi, I’m very interested in Linux but Im a Super Newbie and I’m having trouble deciding on the right distribution for me (Havent you heard this a million times?) anyway here is my problem, I need a distribution that can switch between reading and writing in English and Japanese (Japanese Language Support) with out restarting the operating system.

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  233. You don’t need to stand in the queue if you already have the visa. Just walk to the immigration counter. It is close to the visa on arrival counter. The rates change ever so often. Anything other than Indian rupees is good. Thai money changers don’t like Indian rupees. I am not sure who is a good money changer in Delhi as I don’t live there. In Thailand you can go to any money changing kiosk. They are run by Thai banks and offer consistent rates. As for gifts, my friends like the traditional thai soaps and cosmetics. They are inexpensive, are tastefully packaged and useful. And you can buy them at any supermarket. If you ever do end up at Khao Sarn Road, you can buy local themed t-shirts.

  234. Hello Preetam ,I am planning to go to bangkok in second week of nov2009. What is the visa on arrival fee for indians? I have already visited bangkok on voa two times through bangkok airport.. Is there any restriction for the number of times voa will be given to a person going to thailand ?

  235. You don’t need to stand in the queue if you already have the visa. Just walk to the immigration counter. It is close to the visa on arrival counter. The rates change ever so often. Anything other than Indian rupees is good. Thai money changers don’t like Indian rupees. I am not sure who is a good money changer in Delhi as I don’t live there. In Thailand you can go to any money changing kiosk. They are run by Thai banks and offer consistent rates. As for gifts, my friends like the traditional thai soaps and cosmetics. They are inexpensive, are tastefully packaged and useful. And you can buy them at any supermarket. If you ever do end up at Khao Sarn Road, you can buy local themed t-shirts.

  236. You don’t need to stand in the queue if you already have the visa. Just walk to the immigration counter. It is close to the visa on arrival counter. The rates change ever so often. Anything other than Indian rupees is good. Thai money changers don’t like Indian rupees. I am not sure who is a good money changer in Delhi as I don’t live there. In Thailand you can go to any money changing kiosk. They are run by Thai banks and offer consistent rates. As for gifts, my friends like the traditional thai soaps and cosmetics. They are inexpensive, are tastefully packaged and useful. And you can buy them at any supermarket. If you ever do end up at Khao Sarn Road, you can buy local themed t-shirts.

  237. dear pritam,good job buddy!very good information and lots of comments and querries which were answered. I have got a thai visa on my Indian Passport from Thai embassy in New Delhi.1. Do I have to stand in the queue for the VOA?2. If the answer is no, where to proceed next?3. Is it better to carry the THB from India or get them converted for US dollar?4. Any reliable money changer where beter rates are offered.5. Anything to buy specially from thailand which is not vailable in India?( optional question)

  238. hi Preetam,–Is the travel insurance asked during visa stamping.Thailand does not ask about Medical Tourism–You mentioned that in point 3–3. Visa Fee: 1000 Bhat NOTE: VISA fee is waived till March 2010. (thanks Vivek). –So they wont be charging any money?Till March 2010, they won’t charge this fees.-can i get ur email or phone number? I need some tips from you.I will email you.

  239. hi Preetam,Is the travel insurance asked during visa stamping. You mentioned that in point 3″3. Visa Fee: 1000 Bhat NOTE: VISA fee is waived till March 2010. (thanks Vivek). “So they wont be charging any money?can i get ur email or phone number? I need some tips from you.My email is XXXXXXXXXXBRAman

  240. @Joy, as you flight from Bangkok to Phuket is a domestic flight you do not need the VOA again in Phuket.

  241. dear preetam,I am planning to visit Thailand from Kolkata during month of december,i have a plan for staying 3 days in bangkok first and next 3 days in Phuket. do i need VOA in Suvarnabhumi airport and Phuket airport both?

  242. @ sathappan I am currently traveling in South East Asia and have no heard of any big flare ups of swine flu anywhere in the region. People are going about their business. The usual precautions – avoid too crowded areas, stay healthy.@srikanta1&2. if you have already got a visa, then you don’t have to stand in the queue, just walk straight to the immigration desk past the Visa on Arrival section. You can ask the airport staff and also there are signs leading to the immigration desks.3. The rates keep changing and I don’t have an idea of how the rates are in India as I hv not been to India in a while. If you carrying large amount of money, I suggest keep a spread sheet of the currency rates in India and Thailand for a while and then decide a couple of days before your trip.4. Most currency exchange counters are run by Thai banks and they offer pretty much standard rates. If someone approaches you and gives you a very good rate, I would urge you to be cautious.5. I usually buy Thai herbal soaps and snacks from regular supermarkets, they are pretty inexpensive, have nice packaging and make good gifts. Also you don’t get scammed looking for “Thai” souvenirs.@srikanta @sathappan have a good trip. Its nice weather in Thailand now.

  243. dear pritam,good job buddy!very good information and lots of comments and querries which were answered. I have got a thai visa on my Indian Passport from Thai embassy in New Delhi.1. Do I have to stand in the queue for the VOA?2. If the answer is no, where to proceed next?3. Is it better to carry the THB from India or get them converted for US dollar?4. Any reliable money changer where beter rates are offered.5. Anything to buy specially from thailand which is not vailable in India?( optional question)

  244. People, note that you can not exchange INR at thai airports, usually. Better carry others like USD, SGD or d best is THB.

  245. @gowri @Sathappan There is no limit on the number of times you can get the VOA. The visa fees is usually 1000 Baht but at the moment (till March 2010) the fee is not being charged to encourage tourism.@gowri check this page for vegetarian places in Bangkok you are staying near the sukumwit area, there are several Indian restaurants.

  246. Hello Preetam ,I am planning to go to bangkok in second week of nov2009. What is the visa on arrival fee for indians? I have already visited bangkok on voa two times through bangkok airport.. Is there any restriction for the number of times voa will be given to a person going to thailand ?

  247. Preetam Rai,First of all thanks a lot for helping us. I went thru the blog & found lots of good information.BTW, i live in Tokyo with my family (having 1.5 yr old daughter). All of us have indian passport.I will be travelling to Bangkok for a 5 day trip with my family on a package tour. Am planning to apply for VOA at airport. My question is this:Can i pay the visa fee 1000 Bhat equivalent in Japanese Yen??If not do u have money exchanger near VOA counter?Please let me know the preparations i need to make before i go to Bangkok.(we are vegetarians & i have a daughter 1.5 yrs old).Thanks in advance.

  248. @Vivek the exchange rates change daily. If you are bringing in a large sum of money, I would suggest keeping a spreadsheet with the exchange rates and making your decision at the last moment. If you are going to be heading out of BKK, it will be difficult to change INR. Even in BKK, many money changers don’t accept INRs. I would recommend having some USD in any case.When I am traveling in Thai provinces, I prefer using ATMs. There is a usually a bank charge ( you will have to check with your bank). The ATMs are ubiquitous in Thailand.

  249. @rachel from 6.20 am to 13.50 (even if you check in at 12.00 for Krabi flight) is a lot of time. You can get the VOA.@eva You will have to do a VOA, Thailand does not offer transit visa.

  250. Hallo, sorry if this has been asked and answered before. I am flying to Vietnam via Bangkok. Since I am changing airlines in Bangkok airport, I have to pick up my luggage and check in again for the onward flight – in order to do so I have to go through the immigration. Do I need VOA or is there any other kind of transfer visa required? I have four hours to change the planes. Does anybody have experience with this? Thanks for any info!

  251. Hi. We arrive Bangkok Suvarnabhoomi airport at 6.20am from Mumbai, and have a connecting Air Asia flight to Krabi at 13.50 from there. We are thinking of applying for a tourist visa just incase we get stuck in long VOA queues and miss our connecting flight. Do you recommend taking a VOA or a tourist visa. Will the time in between be sufficient to check in to our Krabi flight after Immigration, baggage etc?

  252. Thanks a lot for this valuable information… I am sure many people must have benefited from it.I am going to Thailand for 7 days on VOA. I want to know how to get INR converted to THB for shopping and other personal expenses. What will be the most economical way from the following options:1) Get INR converted to THB in India (Western Union or other money changers)2) Get INR converted to THB at BKK airport3) Get INR converted to USD in India and then USD to THB at BKK airport4) Use my VISA or Master Card (ICICI or ABN AMRO Credit Card) everywhere in Thailand5) Withdraw THB from ATMs in BKK using my International debit card (HDFC or ICICI Bank card)Thanks,Vivek

  253. Thank u very much. u give valuable informations for first time visitorsur informations very used for me..thanks preetam

  254. Hi Divya,I just visited Thailand. The amount is 20000 THB per family or 10K THB per person. But they are not asking anything for cash for VOA. But don't take a chance. What I have done is I have taken 30K INR and some dollars. INR for pre-requisite of VOA & Dollars for shopping which I converted at airport.I don't think that they accept any bank statement or credit card.Hope this helps.

  255. My wife & I are planning a visit to Thailand in January and this has been of immense help! Thanks a lot for sharing the information in such detailed steps!

  256. @Hiten, As long as you use Indian passport, you need a visa. The inexpensive way to get to the city is to use the Airport bus. Here are the details

  257. no you would have to carry 10 k baht in cash or else youll have to withdraw that at the atm or exchange counters

  258. hi preetam,your information is very much helpful,thanks.i am planning to visit bangkok on pleasure tour for 3 days,in oct.2009.i am indian working in bahrain,do i need visa?if so shall i take visa on arrival at bangkok airport?which is cheapest mode of transport to go to bangkok hotel from airport?your explaination on this will be highly appriciated.Thanks.HITEN

  259. Hello Vivek,thanks for the information.How is Hotel Hard Rock in Pattaya?? I am having a booking there after 1 week.Any good place where i can find good girls..Regards

  260. Hi Preetam,I will be visiting Thailand in last week of September from India. I will be taking Visa On Arrival. Can you please throw light on my below questions:1. Can we show 20000 THB equivalent INR (say 30K INR) in order to satisfy the pre-requisite. Or we have to show THBs only.2. Should we convert currency at Thailand Airport(on arrival) or should we carry the converted currency from India itself.Appreciate quick response on this.Thanks.

  261. Thank you very much for your reply. can u please kindly tell me that what are the pre-requisites before applying for visa.As iam doing job in a private firm.kindly guide me.

  262. Ali, Pakistanis cannot apply for Visa on Arrival at this moment. Apply for the Visa at the Thai embassy or consulate in the country you are in.

  263. hi i am ali and i am from Pakistan…i just want to know that Pakistanis can also apply for visa on arrival????kindly let me know,i will be thankful to you.

  264. Hi,I can confirm that the tourist fees for VOA has been waived until March 2010. They have a banner near the VOA counter in the arrivals announcing so. They also waived our fees off as a part of the same scheme. It would be a great idea to take a print out of the form in this forum (not the one on the Thai ministry of foreign affair’s website…this is the old one) and fill it out beforehand.Please also note that you will have to have all your other documents intact (return air tickets within 15 days, hotel booking & address of the hotel, and THB 10,000/- per person). They might check some or all of these at random and you would not want to take chances.Have a great trip..!

  265. I haven't been back in Thailand in the last 2 months but one of my blog readers recently emailed and mentioned that there is no visa fee till March 2010. Just in case carry some extra cash with you.Preetam

  266. Hi Preetam,Thanks for the fast reply, just to double confirm from now till Mar 2010 we do not to pay 1000 bhat for the VOA?

  267. Angela. you don't need to get another visa in Bangkok as it is a domestic flight within Thailand. The Visa on Arrival is valid for all places within Thailand you visit as a part of your trip. If you leave Thailand and go to Cambodia or any other country then you need to take a visa on arrival again when you come back to Thailand.

    • Dear Sir ! My name is Win from Myanmar ( I’m Engineer & working in Singapore ) and last night I noticed my visa was expired ( this visa applied from last July and cancel the trip at that time ) . So, today morning 5/12/2013 , I went to Thai Embassy to apply visa but today is The King of Thailand’s birthday and closed . I will be visit to Phuket just 4 days and 3 nights ( the journey start today 05/12/2013 , the departure time is 9:00 pm ) . So can I apply the Visa on Arrival when I reached to Phuket Airport ?

  268. Hi Sir,If I apply the visa on arrival in Phuket and stay there for 5 day and from Phuket I took a flight to Bangkok, upon arrival in Bangkok do I still need to apply for the visa?Thanks

  269. I landed from Dubai and it could be as bad as landing from India (hahahah)..! But you are right we didn't have a queue as such at the counter. Just the 4 of us and another european family.

  270. Hi,First of all I want to thank Preetam for this fantastic blog. I just returned from Thailand last night and I would like to add my 2 cents worth. Visa on Arrival was fairly simple and easy and there was no crowd. As soon as you get out of the aircraft and the aerobridge, turn left and you will see the VOA counter. Thailand has exempted all fees and charges for VOA till March 2010. It took four of us about 5 minutes to be done with the Visa procedures. Please take 2 passport size photographs (4cm x 6cm) with you when you arrive and please carry a pen as they did not have any there when we arrived. Exiting from there, its fairly simple and easy. The authorities did not check our hotel reservations or cash, but I suggest you carry everything with you as per the requirements.If any of you require any information regarding good accommodation near pattaya, you can let me know.

    • Gud infromation! thanx…

      We four friends are plannig for thailand by 13th aug to 16 th aug,22 days in pattaya and 2 days in bangkok…please sugges some gud hotels , we dosen’t ve any idea reg the hotels..plz suggest hotels in pattaya and bangkok.Expecting ur reply.Plz sent to my mail id will be id is &



      • Large number of hotels in both places. I would recommend looking up or similar hotel booking site and finding the hotel that suits your budget etc. Also check the Wikitravel page for both these places for recommendations.

  271. Your marital status does not matter on the visa form. Every person has to fill their individual form. Congrats and have a good time in Bangkok.

  272. Hi. Im getting married on Dec 19th and leaving on 22nd Dec for bangkok. To apply for a visa on arrival , do I need to show proof of marriage or can I apply as a single. I will get my marriage certificate (catholic wedding so it takes time) only in Jan.

  273. Hello,I have a return ticket Abu Dhabi – Bangkok – Abu Dhabi, I also want to visit Singapore and Malaysia. Is it possible to enter Singapore or Malaysia by air without taking a vsit visa? On my return I intend to stay in Bangkok for 3 days and from there fly back to Abu Dhabi. (I am Indian residing in UAE)

  274. Freddie, the best people to advise you would be the nearest Thai Embassy. As with most visa situations I would urge not to risk flying to Bangkok. I think your friends might even have difficulty boarding the flight at the airport without visas.

  275. Ok, here is the problem that my friends have we are currently working in the country of Djibouti, Africa. So is there any way around this?? Is there any other way that they can get their Visa for Thialand??Also, will my friends from Ecuador need a visa if they are just transiting threw Bangkok on their way to Cambodia?? Also how long would it take them to get thier Visa to Thialand at the Thai Embassey in Cambodia in Phnon Phen??Thanks For your time,Freddie

  276. Yes, i have a question my friends have Passports from Ecuador, So can they do this visa on Arrival thing in the main airport at Bangkok?? Also they are all from Ecuador.

  277. HiThanks a lot for the info. I have a doubt to be cleared:I Will be travelling to bangkok from singapore and reach bangkok around 8am in the morning, whereas my parents will be reaching bangkok around 6am from india. So is it possible that they can wait to apply for VOA till i reach or should they apply before i come? also should we show the cash independently or can we just show 20kBaht as a family?cheers

  278. Gaurav, apologies if you didn't get my reply earlier. It was sitting in my draft.Anyway, I have no experience with roaming on Indian SIM nor with cards provided by Matrix India. I usually buy a Thai AIS Sim from the 7/11 store and use them. I mainly use the data part to search the internet, email etc. For phone calls I jump into one of several internet cafe and use skype or use my laptop to call via widely available wi-fi all over.

  279. For visa on arrival at Bangkok airpot (or other Thai designated entry points) you don't need an employment letter. If you are arriving directly from the UAE just make sure that you have your UAE ID card etc. just in case they ask.HAve a good trip to Thailand.Preetam

  280. Hello Pritam, its a wonderful site you have here. I am a resident of UAE holding an Indian passport. I would like to know if I need a letter from my employer when obtaining VOA ? If I apply at the local embassy, I need to produce a letter from my company/sponsor. Your response would be appreciated.cheers..!

  281. Just one photo ivy. Have a good trip.

  282. how long will they process the visa upon arrival if we have foto and 1000bat ready? the our agent wanted me to pay for $50extra as I need to apply for visa upon arrival. she said have to wait for long time for the visa ,is it true? thanks !

  283. Thanks for the valuable info! how many foto do they need for arrival visa?

  284. Dear Preetam,Thanks a lot for this most useful first hand information. Can you advise me regarding mobile phones as well? What would be a better option out of the three:1. Activate international roaming on your existing number here in India?2. Use a country-specific SIM card for Thailand from companies like Matrix India?3. Buy a prepaid SIM card from Bangkok airport? (Does one need to be a Thai national to buy one?)Thanks and Regards,Gaurav Dimri

  285. Hello Maya, Good to hear from you. The Philippines is one of my favorite travel destinations too and I miss the food.Filipinos enjoy visa exemption for Thailand as long as the trip is for less than 30 days. />So you do not have to fill the visa form and apply for a visa on arrival. Just fill in the arrival/disembarkation form that they give you in the plane and walk straight to the immigration desk. However they just might ask you to show how much money you have. According to their website- Foreigners entering Thailand under the Tourist Visa Exemption category must possess adequate finances for the duration of stay in Thailand (i.e., cash 10,000 Baht per person and 20,000 Baht per family) Any currency that can be easily exchanged in Thailand is allright. Have a good trip in Thailand.

  286. hi,im maya from philipplines,im goin to visit thailand these month of june,and its my first time,i need to know if ,i need to fill up also those visa,and when it comes the money,do i need to carry that cash,?i have only philippine Peso,is that ok?pls,i need to know,thanks godbless

  287. Thanks Preetam, I have been searching high & low to download visa forms as it saves the trouble especially if you are travelling with 2 small kids. I am going Koh Samui next week and this visa application is really helpful.Thanks a lot once again.

  288. They do not ask for the reason, As long as you don't make any money in Thailand i think they don't care.

  289. I am glad I came across this blog. I hold a valid Indian Passport and I am a summer trainee at Unilever Singapore with a Visa that says " Not valid for employment " I have to go for a 2-day trip to Bangkok. Will this be a problem ? Do they ask for a reason to visit BKK if everything else is fine?

  290. They don't accept the bank statement, They want to see the cash. I have seen them ask for this 50% of the time. Sometimes they don't ask to see the money. But don't take chances. Carry the cash with you.

  291. Hi Preetam, This is info is wonderful… very happy to find this…Just a Q…. Is living exp of THB 10000 must be shown as CASH? (of course in any currency)or Bank statements with sufficient money can be shown instead?

  292. Priyanka Sinha

    May 11, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    HiA very useful Blog .I am an Indian.Would yoy please answer my queries?1) I have to go to Phuket.However my ticket is from Kolkata to Bangkok..and then after 5 hrs from bangkok to Phuket.So where will this immigration check and VOA can be done .In Bangkok or Phuket?2) I will be arriving Thailand with my husband .Do they ask any marriage certificate?3) Is it a better option to go for VOA or should I get it done in my country

  293. They are not too strict with the photo size.

  294. Patrik, you can't do that, the visa on entry is for Bangkok airport only, You can't use it in any other place on another day.

  295. I am taking a cruise from Singapore, which will go to Phuket as well. I am flying to Singapore via Thai airways via Bangkok. Can I take a visa on arriving at Bangkok airport, then board my connecting flight to that I can use Thailand visa when I board the cruise from Singapore

  296. Thanks Sowmya for updating us on this. Enjoy your stay in Thailand.

  297. Hi, Just wanted to update: Thailand has waived the visa fee of Baht 1000 for countries eligible for Visa on Arrival until June 2009. The visa process still holds as usual.

  298. Hello!I’m from Kazakhstan. I’m going to visit Malaysia this year. I’m going to fly through Bangkok (it’s the round trip). I’m going to take visa on arrival in Bangkok twice. Is it right?A Kazakhstan person arrives from KUL (Malaysia) to Bangkok. Can the person take visa on arrival in BKK?The date of my visa on arrival and the date of my departure are the same. Is it right? Can I travel through BKK with visa on arrival?Thank you.

  299. Thanks for dropping by Sowmya. Have a good trip to Thailand.

  300. Hi Preetham -Just wanted to let you know that your post & responses to comments is very helpful….Many thanks for it!

  301. Hello Basheer,You will need separate form for each person.As far as I know, Indian immigration does not ask you for a visa whenyou are going to a place that allows Indian citizen visa-free entry(Hong Kong, Fiji) or visa on entry (Thailand, Malaysia).Have a good trip in Bangkok.

  302. Hai Preetham, Thank you for your valuable Information.I am going to Bankok April 1st week with my Family (Wife and 2 children 5&8 years Old). Do i need to fill separate forms (Visa On Arrival) for each one. I am flying from Chennai. In chennai imigration will they ask about visa ?Thank you very muchK. Basheer

  303. Walekum Salam Khaled, At this time they don't ?have a visa on arrival for Iraqi passport. You may want to contact the Royal Thai Embassy in Amman, Jordan. The details are here.? />

  304. HiI am from Iraqcan I get visa on arrival in the airport??

  305. Hi Suresh, as per Thai immmigration website the fee is still 1000 B. Check out their immigration site. I am not sure if they are offering any discounts at the moment to encourage tourism. But don't take chances. Carry 1000 B.

  306. From their official immigration site and the Singapore Embassy website I find no change in 1000B visa fee.

  307. Yes, you will have to get the visa on arrival twice.

  308. Thanks for the wonderful blog. I have been to Thailand a number of times and I fully endorse your opinion. To have an application form downloaded is a great relief and will save time. I read in the latest Thailand web sites that visa on arrival fee is 300 baht, though I paid 1000 in 2007. I have copied the following from one of thai web sites.`Visa on arrival is provided at 23 designated international checkpoints and applicants should produce the application form to which his/her recent photograph (2 ? inches) is attached. The application fee is 300 Baht.'Is there any change as indicated above in visa fees?ThanksSuresh

  309. Phuket Holiday Deals

    March 4, 2009 at 1:51 am

    Nice blog, Preetam, love the design. I especially like the way you’ve embedded the visa document in your post. Nice work.

  310. hey preethami am visiting bangkok from delhi and will be taking voa.i would be going to indonesia from bangkok after 2 days and would again come to bangkok after 6 days from indonesia and stay in bangkok for a day .please let me know if i have to take two times visa.thanks in advance

  311. Surendra Gullapalli

    February 24, 2009 at 3:47 am

    Hey PreethamNice blog and very useful.Thanks mate.GS.

  312. I have personally not used this border crossing so don’t have first hand data. Its possible to get Cambodian VOA here but no Thai from what I hear. In any case if it is not listed on the Thai government’s website then I would recommend not trying it out. I have had situations where after a lot of coaxing I was able to get VOA from unlisted border posts but it was too much of hassle and I wouldn’t try it again.Thailand does have something called a re-entry permit, there used be a counter at Don Muang Airport. Also I am not sure if re-entry permit applies to Indian passports. My recommendation would be to get out via Aranyaprathet. Head to Seam Reap via Poipet and take a budget flight back (air asia etc) to Bangkok.

  313. Hi Preetam, thanks for useful blog. I am an Indian, therefore entitled to get a VOA. I see that the list of VOA checkpoints does not include Poipet /Aranyaprathet. If I travel from Bangkok to Siem Reap by road crossing over at Popet, how will I be allowed to get back into Thailand?

  314. HI CDVery hard to predict the wait times. If a flight from India and China land at the same time, then you are going to be stuck for one hour or even more.If there is a Thai embassy in your city, I suggest getting the visa in advance. Though if you are not a resident of the US, they might refuse you the visa. Most countries will not give you visa if the place you are applying from is not your home.

  315. 1- Can we collect the luggage before standing in VoA queue? or can one of us stand in queue while the other person collects the luggage? Just little concerned about safety of luggage. Not sure how things are at new Suvarnbhumi Airport.( I was there in 2002, before this new airport came up in 2006)You can’t. The luggage belt is after the immigration. Don’t worry, there are many luggage belts outside and sometimes it takes longer even for people who do not need a visa.2- Do they check for 20000 baht (or equivalent) these days also regularly. I expect a plane full load of Indians to arrive with us?They are so inconsistent about this. Depends on the mood of the person who is on duty. But don’t take chances.

  316. Hi. Thanks for posting this information – it is very helpful. I was wondering if you could give me some information regarding what the wait times are like for Visa on Arrival lines. I am arriving in Bangkok at the end of February on a Sunday night at 10:30pm. I am on an Indian passport travelling from the US and am concerned I may be too tired for a long line after that flight (versus getting the visa earlier)Thanks very much!!

  317. It took me 20 secs to get my visa.I arrived in phuket on 20th Dec.Just 1 photograph & 1000 bhat is all you need.May be due to recesssions he wasnt bothered about any other things.Dont worry about bhat, they can take the money in dollars.Go to visa on arrival counter first then to immigration counter.Nice place phuket , though i wont recommend it for indian families.

  318. Hi, PreetamYour Blog on VOA is very useful and informativeI am leving for BKK on 20th Dec. I have few questions to ask.(1). Should i pick up my baggages before i go to the VOA counter orfirst apply for VOA and go through immigration process and after that pick my baggeges from belt.(Hope i will not get my baggegs lost, as i am going alone with my baby.)(2). Beside, i am also travelling with my baby, he is about 4 years old, should i have to apply for his VOA on a separate form.(3). I am not able to carry any Bhats with, i am only carring dollors with me, are there any exchange counters before VOA counter.Please reply urgently n Thanks in advance.

  319. Very, very imformative for first timers.Thanks a lot.

  320. dear preetam.thank you for the form, i printed out the forms but out of them one is in thai language is it for the official use?do i need to fill in only the first one.thanks

  321. Hi Henny, They will stamp the visa on the passport.

  322. Hi Luds,You pass your filled form and the money and the photos etc. at the desk. They will ask you to wait in the chairs near the desk and give you a token number. The wait time depends on the number of people. Once the visa is stamped on your passport, they will call your number and return your passport. They you have walk about 50 meters to join the regular immigration queue where the immigration officer will stamp your visa.

  323. Hi,I’m travelling to thailand this saturday . I’m Slovakian, so need visa on arrival. I read previous post/notes but i’m a bit confused. When we arrive in BKK, do i need to first queue to get a form(which i’ve already downloaded, many thanks) , fill it in and show enough currency and then go to another queue to get a visa/have passport stamped?Or , as i alraedy have your form, which i filled in, do i go straight to have my passport stamped? Hope this makes sense. Many thanks.Luds

  324. Hi I am travelling to Bangkok in Jan 09 with my mother.. we both have UK passports but my mothers was issued by the brit emabassey in cyprus.. we are going for 16 days… do you need visa’s?

  325. Thanks Preetam. This is a very helpful post. Nice to know that Visa on arrival is open 24 hours.

  326. I will be travelling to Bangkok this evening with my family. Really glad I came across your blog.. Thank you so much!I will be attempting to pass off the printed out form, I’ll let you know if I’m successful!

  327. Hi Vinod,1. If you are going to a country that has Visa on Arrival then Bangalore airport will not ask for anything else. They might want to see your return ticket.2. I would suggest collecting the baggage at Bangkok and leaving it at left luggage at the airport. I think most airlines don’t allow you to send baggage unaccompanied.Check this page for the location of the left luggage office

  328. hi Preetam,just wanted to say that this post is really helpful,1. can you pls let me know the Immigration clearance procedure @ bangalore air port(Bcoz i will be using VOA @ bangkok)?2. My friend is comming from Xiamen-China, stop over at Bangkok & we are comming together back to bangalore. Shoud he collect the baggage at bangkok or can he send it directly to banglore & afer 4 days can he collect it at banglaore?

  329. Indonesian citizen don’t need visa to Singapore and can stay till 30 days.UK passport does not need a visa for Thailand for short stays.

  330. Hi Preetam,I’m a UK citizen flying to Bangkok from Moscow. I’ll have flights to return in 15 days and I have a visa to return to Russia from Thailand. From your knowledge do you envisage any problem for me in getting the visa exemption stamp? (I know that isn’t exactly what this blog is about but I thought I’d ask)

  331. Allo Preetam, I am Amy an Indonesian but know less abt traveling abroad things but im planning to take my sister to go to Singapore for holiday and to check-up her hearing loss if possible. My question is what entry requirements needed to get visa on arrival there? do i need to show some cash too? how much? Thank you for your attention and reply later. You have good time and luck!

  332. Hi Preetam, thanks for the Info, I will be travelling from Sydney and will reach Bangkok around 14.15. Will use the scanned form. Thanks for the info.

  333. Hi Mohan, it might take you anywhere from 15 mins to an hour and more depending on how many flights from India and China arrive at that moment. I have used the scanned form twice and it worked. However someone elsed informed me that it did not work for her.

  334. Hey Preetam, just wanted to say that this post is really helpful, appreciate your effort! Cheers mate.

  335. Hi Guys, thanks for all the Info about VoA, can someone tell me the approximate time for the VOA formalities and also has anyone here used the scanned application form. I am planning to goto Bangkok in Jan 09. Thanks for your help on advance.CheersMohan

  336. Hi Preetam,Thanks a lot for all the info you have provided. Though I think I have a fair idea of what is required for a VoA, I just want to make sure that a VoA will be issued not just for tourists, but also for those who are going to Thailand for a few days on official work.

  337. Hi Pritam,Thanks for the helpful post.I have similar to question as Suryaveer above;1. Will it be a problem carrying in my Digicam, Latop and cellphone when i visit bangkok for 10 days?. Do I have to pay any customs duty.2. Please suggest any other tips to going to bangkok.Thanks!

  338. Hi Suryaveer, I have replied to you via your email.

  339. Hi Pritam,I am in Delhi & going to bangkok for the first time to receive an award. I have read your blog it is very helpful. I have some more questions:1. Can I take my handycam with me to bangkok. Do I have to pay any custom duty in Bangkok.2. If I purcahse any article such as cloths, shoes, mobile or electronic item totalling to not more than 10000 bhats do I have to pay customs duty at Delhi when I return.3. Please suggest any other tips to going to bangkok.Kindly reply soon.

  340. Hi PreetamrajI am Flying to Bagkok on MondayThis Blog is really very UsefulThanx a tonne….

  341. Thanks a lot! We are going to Thailand for the second time and this form is very helpful to have in advance!

  342. You need the basic documents that is1. Completed Visa Form (you can get this from the visa on arrival counter)2. Passport, make a photocopy of first page just in case3. Return Ticket or printed e-ticket (again make a photocopy)4. 1000 Bhats Visa Fee5. 10,000 Bhats or equivalent in any mazor currency just to show. they will not take it. Sometimes if they are busy they don’t even ask you to show this.Optional (the don’t ask for this but good to have just in case)5. Printout of your hotel bookingDon’t worry, they won’t hassle you. Have a good trip and enjoy Thailand. Remember to bargain at the markets, you can get pretty good deals.

  343. Hello,Thank you for the info.I will be going for my honeymoon to Bangkok in Aug. My fiance is a H1 B visa holder.Me being a first time traveller, recently got my passport,can I face any hassles for on entry visa?Also, what extra papers would I need?

  344. Hi Preetam,I am flying from New York to Hyderabad via Thailand (Suvarnabhumi). I am flying by Thai Airways to and from thailand.I am bit confused about the baggage issue do I have to check out my entire baggage at Thailand and re-check in the next or just check out by hand bag and collect the luggage at Hyderabad. Since I am flying Thai all the way to Hyderbad.Thanx for the wonderful blog.

  345. Hi Anand, The PDF is fine now. I am not sure if you can use the tourist visa for your exams, but it might work as you are not there to work or for business. The best thing to do would be to call your nearest Embassy and ask them.Hi Toxicdog, How much attention they give on how much money you have depends on the visa officer etc. I have sometimes a visa officer actually convert all my currency to see if it matched the amount, I have also had times when the officer didn’t even ask me show the money. Lately they seem not to be too strict with it.

  346. hiCan somebody tell me pls, how strict is the check of the money for expenses? i have like around 5000 baht in USD, but im gonna stay only for 1 day, and i can prove that with confirmed air tickets. Can i apply for a visa on arrival with that money? do they check it really strict, like count and exchange it?thanks’

  347. hi preetamvery informative post.the pdf file for the form is corrupted it seems.can you mail me a copy? or put up a new one?also, is tourist visa is what one should take when going for exams like cfa?

  348. Pete,The Thai visa on entry is hardly ever refused. Your girlfriend’s entry should be fine.Hi Dinesh,I usually use a passport size photo,I can’t remember the exact size but it is the same as the ones that you attach to passports in India. I remember once I took some passport size photos in Bangalore and used it on my Thai visa on entry. The Visa officer was fine with it.

  349. Hi there, i’m taking my second trip to thailand in june but am a UK citizen so the question is not for myself. My girlfriend is coming with me and she is from poland although she lives/works in the UK, she’s not a UK resident yet though. Anyway from what i’ve read it’s a case of visa-on-arrival for her. What I need to know is if there is anything else I need to be aware of apart from the outbound ticket, funds, passport and photo…is visa on arrival ever refused for any reason, I know i’m probably worrying unnecessarily but I want to be clear on everything, thanks!

  350. Dear pritamrai,i have gone through all informations but could not find any detail about visa officers librality with regards to photoes size requirement as indian passport size is 3.5X3.5cms and normal passport and visa size is 3.5X4.5cms with white back ground as i am visiting along with 30 members group and all of as are having photoes of either of sizes, i have seen visa application form it states 4X6 cms size, please advice me in this regards to what to do.thanking you,Dinesh, Bangalore, India

  351. Hi Sanjay, the Visa on Arrival is open 24 hours. Elizabeth, according to a Thai embassy I called, you’ll have to get a visa in a visa in advance from the country you are currently residing in.

  352. Hi Preetam,Im an Indian citizen and im arriving in Phuket via a cruise .We have a few hours on land so I presume I’ll need a transit visa.How difficult is it to get a transit visa on arrival at phuket port of arrivalElizabeth

  353. Hi Preetam ,your info is really useful. is visa on arrival counter open all 24 hours ??RgdsSanjay

  354. Dear PreetamI have the answers sorry for the second comments. i did not see the earlier one

  355. Dear Preetam thanks for your reply. I am going to Busan hence i think it would not be possible to do that. I guess i will have to try when i actually land. What about the rush at midnight ( i am arriving at 2330 hrs) and what about baggage?

  356. Samy, you can leave the contact person blank. Thanks Kumar for the important addition. Ansari, here are answers to your questions.I am arriving bangkok at midnight from Korea , i will spend 2 days in Bangkok before proceeding to India. The blog has given me a good info and also the picture gives a clear information.Would the queues be long at midnight? and what happens to the baggage during this time if the time is longThe queue depends on the flights at that time. If couple of flights from China or India arrives at that time then you might end up waiting for a while. Don’ worry about the luggage. The baggage handlers will unload it off the belt and leave it next to the belt.Also i am flying to Korea via Bangkok, i have about 6hrs before my onward journey, can i get the on arrival done at this time rather than wait till i get backNo you cant do that.. As visa on arrival is stamped immediately after you are issued the visa. You might want to try at the Thai Embassy in Seoul.653-7, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-210790-2955, 795-0095, 795-3098, 795-3253798-3448rteseoul@kornet.netwww.thaiembassy.or.krHave a good stay in Korea and Thailand.Preetam

  357. helloI am arriving bangkok at midnight from Korea , i will spend 2 days in Bangkok before proceeding to India. The blog has given me a good info and also the picture gives a clear information. Would the queues be long at midnight? and what happens to the baggage during this time if the time is longAlso i am flying to Korea via Bangkok, i have about 6hrs before my onward journey, can i get the on arrival done at this time rather than waittill i get back

  358. HiJust thought I’d mention that your return ticket (ie, flight out of Thailand) needs to be (i) confirmed and (ii) within 14 days of your arrival. This means no open end tickets are accepted nor a ticket beyond 15 days of your arrival. Last time a woman ahead of me in the Q had a harrowing time because she was holding a return ticket beyond 15 days and they wouldn’t accept it. Another time a guy had an open end ticket and he was refused entry too because the airline office was closed and he couldn’t get them to endorse his return.

  359. Hi,I will be transferred to sydney flight in bangkok airport and i need to wait for 13 hours to board the sydney flight. so i thought of going out in bangkok using the visa on arrival facility. However, i dont have any contact person/address to fill in the visa form. So, i am not sure how to furnish the complete form to get the visa.Thanks in advance.-Muthusamy

  360. One hour delay for the immigration should be ok but I am not sure what they will do with you bags as the baggage counter is after the immigration. In most airports they will place it by the baggage belt.If you do decide to wait for your friend and they question you about the delay, you could tell them about helping your friend with the Visa on Arrival.Once you have filled the forms and shown them the cash, the rest is fairly straight forward. Your friend then go and queue up for the actual fees payment and stamping of the passport. Meanwhile you can go and get your passport stamped.If you start walking towards the baggage area, you will see the Visa on Arrival counters and the queue. You can wait there for your friend to finish his immigration and to assist if the visa officers need more info.

  361. This information is the most useful I have found. I have a question similar to one above. I am a US citizen but I will be arriving from China on Thai Airways. I know that I will not need a visa upon arrival. My friend, however is coming from Hungary 1 hour after I arrive. He speaks very little English and I am afraid he will have a very hard time during this process. Do you think it is possible for me to wait for him to arrive before starting this process. I can be sure to be the last person off my flight and he should be one of the first off of his. Do you think I can stretch the hour between flights long enough to escort him through the process? Thanks for your advice.

  362. Hi Nisha, yes you need to carry 10,000Baht to show them. If you are going with your family then you need to show 20,000 Baht for the whole of your family. They do not acknowledge card and you can’t pay your visa fee by card. You can however withdraw cash with your card fro the nearby ATMs.Sohil, Visa can be stamped on any blank page.Deb, that was the old airport at Don Muang. They changed the procedure after moving to the new airport.Imran, they don’t offer Visa on Arrival for Pakistan yet, I would recommend you get a Visa at the nearest Thai embassy in your country.

  363. I’m travelling to bangkok tomorrow and plan to get the visa on arrival. Am from India. The information so har has been quite useful but now am confused as to whether I should carry enough cash to show them or not. I was planning to carry a nominal amount of cash with and for other things use my card. Kindly advise!Rgds,Nisha

  364. Hi,I’m travelling to bangkok tomorrow and plan to get the visa on arrival. Am from India. The information so har has been quite useful but now am confused as to whether I should carry enough cash to show them or not. I was planning to carry a nominal amount of cash with and for other things use my card. Kindly advise!Rgds,Nisha

  365. Preetam,Thanks a lot for the updated VOA information. I got VOA a couple of times in 2006 and it seems the procedure has changed a bit since then. Back then everything was done at one place – form submission, document verification and issue of visa. Then you had to proceed to immigration to get the entry stamp. I was also never asked to show my money and guess what! They even filled the form for me by copying info from my arrival form. I just had to sign it.Regards,Deb

  366. hi sir/mam i wold like to get information to get visa on arrival on pakistan passport i wold wate to mail me ef posibal thaks /

  367. Hi PreetamThis info is really helpful.I have one question and am hoping you can help.My passport has no blank pages on the right side. Only left side pages (with some other visas on its back side.Do you know if the visa on arrival can be stamped on a completely blank page (i.e blank on both sides) or a left side page should be fine?ThanksSohil

  368. Hi Yvonne,If you have 2-3 days or more before your trip, I would recommend getting a Thai visa for your domestic help from the nearest Thai embassy. If you submit the passport today, they will return the passport with the visa on the next working day.For the visa on entry,The form has no serial number so it should be fine. The other regular visa forms of Thailand are online and they let you download, print and submit them. They just missed out putting up this particular form.Your immigration area is different from the visa on arrival immigration area. What I would suggest is to be with your domestic help until you finish the part where they verify you have enough cash. After that, it is just queuing up and submitting the papers for the actual visa. The visa on arrival area usually has some Chinese citizen waiting too, she can always ask around if she is confused at any point.While she is queuing up you can finish your immigration and walk right up to exit of her immigration (near the baggage belts) so that you can assist her if needed.Hi SriramI have never tried using travellers cheques. I feel it should be ok. Just in case carry couple of hundred USD to be safe. I will try to ask them the next time i am there and i will post it over here.

  369. hi there, thanks so much for this. it’s invaluable! a couple of questions please:1) i’ve printed the form you’d scanned on double-sided A4 paper. would immigration accept this printed out copy?2) i’m visa-exempted, but my domestic helper from China needs one. she doesn’t speak english (much less thai), so would you know if immigration would allow me to queue with her and get the visa-on-arrival application done together with her? indonesia didn’t allow that and it was a huge hassle when we were there, given the language barrier…thanks again!!

  370. Will accept travellers cheques (US dollar) for the proof of living expenses?

  371. Hi Tony, The process is the same as the airport in Bangkok mentioned above.

  372. Hi VikramThanks for dropping by my blog. The visa authorities refuse to acknowledge a credit/debit card. There are couple of ATMs near the Visa on Arrival area from where you can withdraw money. They might eventually let you in but you would have to spend a lot of time arguing with them. I would suggest carry some US$ or Euros or some other currency.I think end up paying a transaction fee each time you use your debit card to withdraw money on a foreign network.

  373. Dear Sir,I would like to know, can I apply Visa on arrival at Chiangmai airport? If I fly with China air lines for Taipei direct to Chiangmai.Best regards,Tony

  374. one more thing, do you know for sure that the thai immigration will accept this pfd version of the form?I like the cartoon of the whole process, very informative

  375. Thank you for this info, most useful

  376. Thanks Preetam. Hope I will not endup in a long queue.

  377. Hi Prashant, The 1000 Baht Visa Fee is usually paid in Thai currency. You can change money at a money changer stall close to the visa on arrival area. There are couple of ATMs where you can use your Master/Visa/Cirrus/Plus cards to withdraw Thai currency.You will need to show them 10,000 Baht per person (or 20,000 Baht per family) so that they know you have enough money for your living expense. This living expense can be in any major currency. I have used US dollars, Singapore Dollars, Japanese Yen and Chinese Renmenbi in the past. They will not take this money, they just want to see that you have enough cash to cover your expenses.If you have your papers in order, they don’t ask you any questions. Just be prepared to wait for a long time as the queue can get very long.

  378. Hi,Thanks for the form. I am going to Thailand for first time. The application says I should have 10000 Thai Baht for living and 1000 for visa fees. I am carrying US $ is it fine?Also I am going alone for a 3 days pleasure trip is it fine? What type of questions they ask at immegration?Regards,Prashant

  379. Yes, the hotel address is fine.

  380. Slovakia » Blog Archives » Thailand Visa On Arrival Form

    October 17, 2007 at 9:22 am

    [...] Thailand Visa On Arrival Form I am often in Thailand and usually end up taking the Visa on Arrival (People from China, Russia, India, Taiwan and about 16 other countries can use this facility at 12 immigration check points – see the list below). The trouble is that the Thailand Visa on Entry or Visa on Arrival form is not online… [...]

  381. Hi Preetam, We are going to Bangkok during 21st to 29th of Dec (family of 4 – 3 adults and 1 kid). Do you have any experience with respect to the crowd during this time of the year and how long would it take to get VOA. Do you advice it take it in advance?


    • I was there last week. It was not that bad, just 30 minutes waiting. Before you leave your home airport, just check the flight arrivals for the day. You can check the arrivals at (it shows arrivals but you can switch to departure view). If you find some flights from China/India/Parts of Africa and Central Asia just before your flights then be ready to wait longer.

  382. hello Preetamwhat are your views about Hotel Nasa Vegas in bangkok?

    • Apologies Sandeep, I have not stayed in that particular hotel. Looks good from their web. And not too far from the airport. Good for transit. But if you are planning to be in the city for couple of days, I would recommend getting a hotel on Sukomwit Road (near Asok). That way you have access to the sky train and the subway. The traffic can be pretty bad in BKK.

  383. hello Preetam, Thank you very much for clearing my doubt via our last conversation,I have one more question, as I stated last time, my travel plan is to go India- bangkok-Yangon-Bangok-India, on my return, from yangon to bangkok- India, do i need a visa on arrival, if I am having only connecting flight? that is, I will reach bangkok on 15th night, and I am having next day morning flight to India, if I stay at airport, and dont go out, do I need a VOA?

    • If you plan to stay in the Airport then you are fine. Though if you are taking a budget airline such as Air Asia etc, sometimes you need to get out and get in because they are not actually connecting flight. When you are on the way out to Myanmar, ask the airline desk in Bangkok if you can stay in.

      • ok, I am choosing myanmar airlines, as it is on same airport from which I am having flight to India (Suvarnbhoomi airport). is there any night stay option on the airport?

        • Yes, there is an airport hotel within the immigration area in Suvarnbhoomi. See A lot of hotels have sprouted up around the Suvarnabhoomi airport and they will arrange airport pickup and dropoff. Though you will have to get a visa on arrival again if you want to get out of the immigration area of the airport. Go to and search for Suvarnabhoomi Airport

  384. Dear Preetam,Please advise me related to Visa and travelling , I am planning to reach Bangkok on 18th Oct reach early morning 0700 am then straight away proceed to Siem Reap. As per plan we are suppose to return from Siem Reap to Bangkok on 21rd Oct. Now please let me know, is it possible to get Double Entry Thai Visa? Will it work/solve the problem? Feasibility of the plan by travelling from Airport to Poi Phet?


    • As I mentioned in one of the earlier comments, Thailand no longer issues a double entry tourist visa. You need to get on arrival on every entry to Thailand. Get your first visa at BKK airport and then get you next Thai visa at border when you get back in Thailand from Cambodia. I have got visas at several border post and it is not a problem as long as you can show a ticket out of Thailand to another country (and pay the visa fees etc.)Take a shuttle bus from the airport to the Airport Transportation center. From here you can get busses to Aran (the last city on Thai side). From Aran, you cross the border into Poipet and then take another bus to Siem Reap. The border crossing is full of scams. So, I will recommend getting your Cambodian visa in advance via their e-visa website – Also read the Wikitravel page on Aran and Poipet. and

      Another option is to take a bus service started earlier this year from Mo Chit bus terminal. But you may not have time to make it to this as the bus leaves early in the day.


  386. Thanks for such a nice info… really appreciate that..

  387. I am traveling delhi-bangkok-phuket by thai airways , do i need VOA at bangkok or phuket?? My next thai airways flight is within 3 hours??

    • If you are flying all the way via Thai, you can complete the immigration at Phuket. But please double check with the flight crew or the ground staff at Bangkok. Usually there will be an airline staff holding the placard of your connecting flight at waiting as you exit the aircraft at Bangkok. They would have more up to date instructions for you.

      • Dear Preetam,thanks for your reply… came back from thailand… some clarification for everyone

        First port of destination is where you get VOA, i.e. incase you are landing at Bangkok, you have to get VOA at bangkok even if you have connecting flight to anywhere in my case it was phuket….

        • Dear AkhiWe are also planning to Phuket in July. Our ticket is booked at Thai Airways(Kolkata-Bangkok/ Bangkok- Phuket) connection time is 3.45 hours. So as per you compulsorily we have to do VOA at Bangkok? Then we have to complete the immigration process also at Bangkok or at Phuket (port of destination)? Saurish

          • For Thai airways flight, the best is to seek the advice of the flight crew. Once you land in Bangkok, there might also be Thai air personal carrying signs for connecting flights. They will advice you.

          • Dear Saurish,I have checked up from Thai crew, there is no inter connectivity from air craft